Easiest mage tower challenge for mages?

title, i just want the transmog

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Fire, you can watch preheats guide for it. As long as you dodge the rolling balls you wont die. Alternatively if you are more comfortable on frost that one isnt that bad either but does require more split concentration.


Was going to say this.

Haven’t tried it myself yet, but I’ve heard fire, as long as you manage imps properly and dodge balls it’s pretty simple.

Been really struggling on my assassination rogue, turns out I suck at my main!

havent tried the current overtuned iteration yet on mage (busy getting slaughtered on my monk) but based on my last experience with magetower - frost was by far the most difficult for me and fire was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy easier.

I’m really struggling with the frost challenge. I understand the mechanics of the fight but my damage seems too low to finish raest before I’m overwhelmed. Playing 1212111 for talents, any tips for better damage?

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just ran both fire and frost and got slaughtered, theyre overtuned, i’m going to wait until they do whatever theyre gonna do to fix it .

fire took me 5~6 tries. frost took me around 40 bcoz im just dumb and kept forgetin about the rune that we need to soak. beside that it was pretty ez. havent tried arcane and i wont bcoz i dont like arcane. idk if fire/frost are just good for the challenge or its undertunned. wont try other classes bcoz i did them back in legion. tried mage just bcoz its what im playin this exp

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i did like this. open with veins and nuke the dude. first raest phase. you need to keep urself really close to him. save mirror for this part. keep blizzard up 100% of the time and orb everytime is up… once he goes immune, try to finish the small adds if they are up and keep casting blizzard to slow the other miniboss. use your pet frozen thing to keep him frozen to make it easier to kill the hand. 2/3 hands max to make CD´s align again. keep nuking the mini boss and reset your orb with blizard to help kill the hands. 33% and he goes immune. now you gonna lust and pop veins e nuke as hard as u can. i soaked the runes myself. pet was doing some aawful pathing and missing the rune, other tries i was forgetin about them and just dyin to the big ADD. with lust and veins up u gonna zerg the small adds pretty quickly and always have lances for the hand. keep using your pet frozen thing to keep the miniboss away. you can also poly him. for a few seconds, but its so much adds that u can keep blizzard and orb 100% so its easy to keep the mini boss away. at this part u will not target the miniboss again. just nuke raest . save healing potion for this time. frost shield , cast everytime time that your currently shield expires and the skill is off cd. alter time is big here to manipulate adds if needed. anything else that i miss you can ask. ggs good luck

I understand how to do the Frost challenge, I just can’t actually do it. I can’t burn Raest remotely fast enough. Hanging near the center and keeping Raest and the adds inside blizzard and mixing in orb, freezes, and nukes barely budges him and kills only a few of the adds, and when Raest comes back up I’ve got a room full of adds, Raest chasing me, Karam spamming me, and Hands spawning.

Hell, I can’t even survive Raest’s shadowbolt spam, much less avoid the adds, keep away from Raest, and cast on the Hands.

Never felt like such an awful, worthless player.

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are you killind the other mini boss ? bcoz you cant kill him. if you kill him, raest enrages. if not. get that weakaura that shows how much absord u have stored on your shield and only cast barrier when that amount of dmg is about to expire.

Are you using freezing rain? Saving time on casting blizzard makes a big difference.

The fire one is by far the easiest, right now you do more damage than in legion and literally oneshot or twoshot imps because they have half the health other specs have for some reason. Dragons breath + arcane explosion also oneshots the funneling imps and when the immune ones spawn a flamestrike + arcane explosion twice would kill them. You can also completely ignore the fuming ones or kill them if you really wanted to.

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I walked into the arcane challenge blind (I did the challenge in legion but I haven’t touched it since) and finished it in an hour.


They’re both extremely undertuned if anything. They’ve been the easier mage tower fights by far.

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I’m currently only trying the challenge for frost and I cannot pass to the stage 5. I sometimes die before the 4th one.

I feel like there are too many things I’ve to be checking at the same time and I got overwhelmed.

I don’t care that much about the transmog but I want the mount.

they will not “fix it” if anything it needs a buff. its just too easy.

After doing all three, I would say fire but it’s also Agatha which I’ve heard is one of the easier encounters for other classes and their specs.

Arcane feels more like a 1 v 3 PvP fight against Sigryn and her two adds than PvE.

I haven’t played frost in end game this expansion so for me it was the toughest one versus the twins. However I thought it was the most fun out of all the three mage challenges cause you are constantly juggling especially in the last phase between micromanaging your water elemental, switching back and forth between two targets while jump spin 90 degrees cone of cold on another you are kiting, making sure you always reset frozen orb after two blizzards, min/maxing your counterspell timing, and so on. I learned a tremendous amount just from the constant wipes I endured.

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Yep that is the way it goes. Its not supposed to be a pushover, after a while of tries you will get the hang of the timings and execute it well.