Thanks for the info. Do we know how long we have the ability to transfer?

“For approximately one day, the new realms will be restricted to only those players using a free character move. After one day, any player may create new characters there. This is to allow players using the free character move service a better chance at retaining the name of the character they’re moving.”

Is the only info Blizzard gave. So we have 24 hours before others can just create characters there. But the total time we can transfer they didn’t say.

Everyone I’ve ever talked to that took up free xfers in retail always regretted it. The server is always dead-on-arrival, and I wouldn’t count on blizzard to merge servers since it goes against their policy of preserving the classic community (not to mention the issue of character names). All server merges in the past have been lazy and didn’t fix anything.

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How early into the original launch did they offer character transfers? I would imagine it won’t be as harsh this time around since it has only been a week and three days since launch.

I have he same question. I don’t know how long in the past they were open for, I would hope for as long as they need in order to balance out the servers. A little frustrating that we don’t know that detail.

I just saw it in a blue post. Transfers will be available through the weekend for Herod and Skeram to transfer to Earthfury.

do you know anyone whos switched? is earthfury completely dead

That one guild from another forum post allegedly transferred.

Been trying to find out, read on another forum post that it is dead. Really wish we could get more information on populations on realms…

As large as Herod’s queue is, I imagine Earthfury will be fine.

Blizzard will probably merge if the server pops get low, anyway.

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It’s dead right now. I feel so bad for leaving. Skeram is full of pvp (which is why i joined a pvp server) and Earthfury is a wasteland with no one in it.

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Why would you leave?

Earthfury is 100% dead blizzard needs to help ppl get back to a real server… cant even fill a zf on earthfury… Plz help blizzard

Blizzard needs to help earthfury and get us back to a real pop server… we need more choices cuz earthfury has noone.

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Earthfury is unplayable the playerbase is nill when and how can we leave?

Is it really that bad? What would you say is the biggest problem?

Its not bad…Only problem is the realm hasn’t been up as long. so just fewer new people. It will grow. or it will merge by the time you hit 60 1-2 even 3 months or more there will be plenty of people.

i mean alliance side its pretty dead tbh. not sure why i thought it would be different. im only level 18 so i can re-roll. maybe the weekend will bring more people.

If people stop worrying about it being a dead server and just came over, Earthfury would be fine. Currently, Skeram is at a 2700 queue and Herod at 5500. That is over 8000 people who could come over to Earthfury and make it a more healthy population.

Everyone spent the every minute since the server transfers were announced poisoning the well and claiming that nobody would transfer and it would be dead and then wonder why it’s dead. There are still thousands upon thousands sitting in queue on the old servers for no reason. Just because they are scared that their server will be dead.

This whole thing is asinine. Free server transfers is what everyone wanted and as soon as they were announced, people poisoned the idea and instead are staying on their realm complaining about the queues and blaming blizz’s poor management. If only half the queue number of people left, it would be perfect.

This really just blows my mind. In vanilla, at the actual launch, we had similarly crushed server queues. Less raw people but took just as long to get through. And when server transfers came, about half of each server went even though they were much , further along. People were just so happy to get off the queues and play and they knew the servers would fill eventually with other transfers.

With that said, there is still the whole weekend with people logging on, getting annoyed with the queue and then talking their friends into transferring. It’s not instantaneous because people gotta make the decision then convince all their friends to go. We will see what happens. Blizzard won’t let the servers die because of people throwing tantrums.

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