Earthen Ring rp

Hello folks! My character recently has become a shaman, and I’d love to find others for her to interact with! I was curious if there was an Earthen Ring rp community, and if not, would people be interested in such a thing? Would be great for people to be able to come together for either learning, elemental themed plots, or the like!


Wow, hello!

I believe I’ve seen some Earthen Ring-ish profiles about, so I think there is one! I can’t hard mention any guilds or anything off the top of my head, though…

If you ask about in-game, you may be able to get a better answer!

I’ve met a few people who were affiliated with the Earthen Ring IC, but from what I was told there isn’t as solid a group as say, the Cenarion Circle. If we make (or if there is one) a community, it could be cross faction and get us some of that tasty cross rp!

It would actually be so cool to have ER presence! I think the largest barrier to that type of organization is that it tends to only be shaman. That might be why there usually isn’t one. But a community with regular meets would definitely help that! :smiley:

It would be! My character is ooc a hunter until we get human shaman, but I think it could be shaman and elementally inclined people

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I don’t think i’ve seen anything already established for this with guilds, but I do like the idea and i’ve seen some individual players with profiles dedicated to it.

Think I may get a community made for it so people can network without leaving their guilds. Could be fun!


def interested in seeing more of this!!

Giving a little bump, and I was shown a discord channel already made for this! (Thanks Leah!) If you are interested in Earthen Ring rp or networking…

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Bumping this!

Thanks for the updated info! I may check this out sometime.

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Oh hey! Glad I found this thread.

I’d love for more Earthen Ring RP! Gavoz here is a First Lieutenant in a sort of mortal military arm for the elements’ interests organized under the Ring called The Black Arms Company!

Dealing with Twilights, soon-to-be-dealing-with-Primalists, elementals that threaten the Order the Ring has brought, etc, is their entire schtick!

I’ve got a tiny cross-faction community for the B.A.C. going!

Ohhh this is such a cool concept! Would be neat to work with you! Perhaps we can drop a little plug for you at the first gathering we have!