Dynamic respawns?

So the stress test seems to have dynamic respawns. Blizzard- please explain how much utilization this will have in WoW Classic. This could have a HUGE impact on the economy and is NOT vanilla like.


Dynamic spawns were a part of vanilla. Just not like how private servers had them. This is a much better version than the one you’re probably thinking of.

As for the impact? Uhh… I’m not sure what goods pre level 40 could even possibly have on the economy.


Yup dynamic spawns were originally there - not having dynamic spawns was going to make the economy non existant - this is a huge improvement. Might even log in later and play again for a bit.


Yup, this is how it was in vanilla.


Dynamic respawns are, afterall, Dynamic. There won’t be some huge effect on the economy.

I want to say this to Blizzard, todays Stress test had great initial respawns. I really appreciated this change since the previous stress test.

The lag was horrid though, 2-3min lag while having 41ms ping left me to conclude this was some sort of testing itself.


I don’t remember how it worked in Vanilla. According to Mark Kern and Kevin Jordan the faster things died, the faster they respawned. I assume they’ve implemented that now into this stress test. And it’s very noticeable. If it’s authentic, then no problem with it. It’s nice.


I still want to know that it won’t go past the initial zones. There’s big potential for abuse if kept throughout


I’m honestly not sure how this can really be abused in zones where it will matter unless there is a MASSIVE unnatural organized group doing this.

As far as it was explained, from my understanding mobs just get quicker respawns for how quickly they were killed in the zone. So if every wolf is dying within 2 seconds of spawning in a whole zone then their respawn timers will drop. So unless I’m wrong… in order to abuse this you would have to have a truck load of people flooding one high level area just mass farming and killing mobs with high level goods and they would all have to continue to do this long enough for the timers to go down.

I mean I’m not saying it isn’t possible… but it’s highly unlikely for this to be happening enough, if ever, to make an impact.

I mean even in the sub 40-50 zones mobs are still dropping copper-silvers worth of junk…

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Even if you did organize a massive group to do this, how is loot off one mob going to benefit a huge group in a way that is abusive? Seems more like a waste of everyone’s time. And if somehow someone did find a way to abuse it, I would assume they’d get banned.

Again, according to Kevin Jordan it extended to the entire world. However, obviously it didn’t apply to things like world bosses.

gotta be honnest didn’t see much of that at all. spent 10 minutes running around looking for scorpions in valley of trials everything was dead or tagged. dropped out after 10 minutes of just killing a random boar every now and then that was in range.

This is way overtuned, and frankly this is starting to get a bit amateurish on Blizzard’s part. I’m in Tirisfal, and you know how many times today I’ve killed the Lost Soul? She keeps respawning- sometimes before I’m even done killing the last one.

Is it really so hard to get this stuff running decently?

You’re joking right? You do understand what this ‘stress test’ is actually doing don’t you?

Yeah, I understand. But I still fail to see why going for a dynamic respawn rate of “ridiculous” is even on the radar at this point. I did all of the initial kill and fetch quests without ever moving, just shooting the same spawn over and over each time it came up (i.e., right after I killed it). I was through the Samuel Fipps quest within 15 minutes. And then what I mentioned above about the “rare” spawn that is outside of Brill, not even the noobie yard.

Not a fan of this. It was lame on private servers also.

According to Mark Kern they did in fact have a dynamic respawn system. They called it “overspawn”.

Anyway it’s a moot point. The is a stress test. It’s not surprising if things are tweaked to promote server stress.

Okay so it seems you don’t really understand. The way they stress the servers is by allowing more people on one shard than what they initially plan just to see exactly what it can handle. If they wanted to they could have made thousands of shards with 10 people on each and you wouldn’t have seen a single dynamic respawn.

The reason it was beyond crazy was because they allowed a metric ton of people on each shard before it froze, then they opened another.

Regardless of what they choose to do, the respawns rates are vanilla like. As in, exactly what vanilla had. As in, them doing exactly what everyone has asked for.

Calling it ‘amateurish’ is beyond hilarious to me.


You’re not a fan of no changes?


It is definitely more noticeable compared to the other tests.

Kevin Jordan, an original wow game designer, streams and has said that mobs spawn at a faster rate depending on how fast they are being killed, in Vanilla.

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Good…cause last stress test, we cleared a zone of mobs (second place for dwarves and gnomes) and had to wait like 20 mins for ANY to come back. :confused: