Dying to find the Mantle of the Wayward Protector (Ulduar)

My journey has been long and fruitless…

All I need to complete my Ulduar set is these shoulders.

But sadly, I am confused af with the loot tables in Ulduar.

Regular? Heroic? 10m? 25m? HardMode(HM)?

None of these have separate loot tables, and the journal just shows 1 generic loot table.

It’s important to note that I am seeking the Blue variant of this set.

I have the other 2 (Black and Red).

What I am looking for is:

Mantle of the Wayward Protector.

Which will give me the Conqueror’s Scourgestalker Spaulders

To state the obvious, this drops from Yoggy in Ulduar.

But what I have read (and what I am so unsure and confused about) is if I need to do the fight in a particular way. What I have read is that in order to get the blue set, I need to do this on HM, and to do that I need to use 1 (or none?) keepers in the fight.

Can anyone confirm this?

I’m losing my mind because I don’t see what I’m looking for, to drop. Week after week, Month after month… Nothing. :frowning:

Can anyone confirm if I have just been insanely unlucky? or do I need to kill these bosses a certain way to get access to the appropriate loot table?


One last piece I’d like to get, for which I have the exact same question and problem, is for the Gloves of Taut Grip from XT-002. I also cannot seems to ever see those. That is the last piece I need for my Black set.

Ulduar loot is really weird now, for a couple of reasons. The first is that they smooshed the 10 and 25 man loot tables together. The second is that Legacy Loot messes with the way “special” drops work.

So, first up: You shouldn’t need to do anything special for your Yogg kill for the token to drop. It was a part of the base loot table which doesn’t require hard mode. (Although doing 0 watchers does give you a chance at the mount, so should probably be your default.) The problem that you run into is that now you have double the original loot table (which lowers the chance) + the fact that legacy loot no longer guarantees tier token drops. (It used to be that he’d always drop X number of tokens plus Y number of other items. Now, he just drops X+Y items picked from the entire loot table, including tier tokens.)

Similarly, it looks like the gloves you are looking for are from a normal mode kill, so you should be fine no matter how you kill XT.

I’m not 100% sure how the hard mode drops work with Legacy loot. Originally, the way it worked is that if you did hard mode, you got the regular loot + an extra item from the hard mode loot table. My assumption is that it works similar to how tier tokens now work where if you do hard mode, it will add in the hard mode loot items to the loot table, but not guarantee one. I haven’t actually done any testing, so it’s just my guess. (I also haven’t tested to see if hard mode increases the number of drops you get.)

What that means is that you can get the two items you are looking for on any mode, but the chances of the drop might be different between the two. I don’t know enough about how the drops work now to know what that difference is.

Hard modes are a second loot chest with the hard-mode loot table, for all Ulduar encounters that have a hard mode. Although the table is still combined 25- amd 10- player.

Confirmed, albeit not after pre-patch. May want to look at that again.

And see thats the thing… are the pieces im looking for part of the required HM loot table? or just the generic loot table? there is no difference in the Journal :frowning:

It’s been a bit since I’ve done Ulduar. I just remembered it feeling not entirely clear how the hard mode chests were working. (I swear I got normal loot out of them as well as hard mode loot, but with the ilvl squishes, it’s hard to tell normal and hard mode loot apart just at a glance.)

Both pieces you are looking for are the regular loot table.

Well I appreciate all the responses. Sounds like I’ve just been incredibly unlucky. I’ll just keep at it. >.<

Yeah, loot there is annoying now.

I’ve been after a set of gloves for my plate-wearers off the General for ages now.

I run my DK, my Pally and my Warrior through, and nothing…

…I run my Mage through, and they drop…

That’s typical RNG hatred of me, I know. But it would be nice to know if I kill X boss on X mode, I get the choice of X loot table.

This mixing them all up for timewalking is just silly.