DX 12 is coming to Windows 7

This is extremely interesting

One because windows 7 is going to be EOL next year

Two, you can still get a Ryzen/9th gen Intel chip to work on Windows 7 as long as you do the work around to support it, I done it

Between windows 7 and 10 benchmarks of my setup, windows 7 tend to have better results, maybe fps will be somewhat better with dx 12 and 7 for WoW?

Good for people who have windows 7 pc’s for WoW now they can enjoy fps boosts with dx 12

Edit: read the article again, it seems Blizzard was involved making Microsoft on this decision, good on them.

Blizzard wanted everyone to have DX 12 performance boosts regardless the operating system

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Great you can have DX12 on your no longer supported OS.

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Keep in mind that’s only the user mode portion of it. The kernel mode portion is entirely absent from Win7, so performance won’t be as good as Win10. In fact it’s unlikely to offer a performance increase over DX11 at all, especially on NVidia hardware.

The idea is to allow the API to work at all for titles which may not support DX11 (or may not offer their whole feature set when doing so, despite the existence of FL11_3), rather than to increase performance.

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Even a blue can confirm this

So likely performance gains are similar like windows 10

Windows 7 support ends in 2020
good luck avoiding upgrading and hopes of DX12

I love Windows 7 myself but we can’t hold onto the past

I can see a possible extension on Windows 7 if they are doing this

Remember how many times Windows xp was extended?

Extended support for Windows XP ended 5 years after the end of mainstream support, just like Windows 2000 before it and Windows Vista after it. Mainstream support for Windows 7 ended in 2015, and I don’t see any reason why extended support would not end 5 years later like the previous 3 versions of Windows (NT).

Windows 7 was so good… I wish Windows 10 had a switch that could be flipped that put it into a “7 mode” or even “XP mode” of sorts that disables all the new fluffy crap that’s accumulated over the years. I use my Windows install as a high-powered game console (dual boot) and as such don’t benefit at all from any of the UI changes or added bloat. I just need the OS to launch my game and go away.

Yeah and I think this is why MS is pulling the plug early on W7, they don’t want to be stuck in the same situation they were with XP.

Then… set Steam to Launch in Big Picture Mode and add any non-Steam games to the Steam Launcher.

Fixt for you.

Microsoft won’t extend Win 7 end of life. Not for free anyway. They already have plans in place to charge $$$ for extended support. Avaricious corporations now roam (and rule) the planet.