Dungeon Journal Loot

With the start of the new season, and return of old dungeons being relevant again, I can’t help but notice that when looking at the loot in the Dungeon Journal, everything is still it’s “old world” item level. They should add a new section to the Dungeon Journal labeled something like “Current Rotation”, where they have all of the current dungeons in the same spot, as well as having their item levels up to date so you can accurately compare secondary stats.


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I agree with the premise, I think the issue is that M+ loot rewards simply aren’t shown in the dungeon journal, and since those old dungeons are only currently relevant in the M+ format it doesn’t reflect it being relevant again.

They should add a Tab called “Fated”

I think M+ rewards could, and probably should be shown in the dungeon journal, so you can see each breakpoint for each stat (especially for trinkets), but I mean, even just showing a base m0 version of the loot for the current season would be helpful to know what kind of pieces you should be targeting, IMO

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Would be nice for quality of life, although possibly a little cumbersome.
Can you do fated dungeons as M0? I haven’t been on long enough to even test it.

The old dungeons that are now Fated can’t be ran as m0, they’ll just drop their like, 48 ilvl loot, but you can run all of the SL dungeons as m0 still for 261 ilvl loot

There’s an addon that adds a tab for the current Season.