Dungeon Boss Stuck in Mage Tower, Characters in Area Perma Combat Stuck

Someone somehow brought an invincible dungeon boss (Helix Gearbreaker) to the Stormwind mage tower on Grobbulus (Cata). The second you portal to the city you are stuck in combat indefinitely.

I wasn’t able to submit a ticket for this situation. Can we have someone come dematerialize him? Thank you!

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Id report it as a bug unfortunately theres no one here that can fix it.

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You can report it via https://us.battle.net/support/en/help/product/wow and describe it as zone disruption.


oh i’m sure there is someone here that can get ahold of someone who can fix it. probably someone that can fix it might have even caused it …dunno, will be interesting to find out how it got there, but if it is someone in the know, we will never hear a peep right?

no reason this hasn’t been stopped yet, we need to start slamming the forum on it, get attention it it, and wake up the dude watching the monitors.


This forum isnt staffed around the clock not till morning bug report is still good advice.

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I HAVE FILED BUG REPORT and no its not staffed per say but someone is generally eyeballing stuff, and the faster a post grows the quicker it gets seen

Youve done all you can and id avoid mass spamming all forums.

That’s not how it works. Customer Support is a player-helping-player forum with Blizzard oversight and moderation. It is not a bypass to the ticketing system.

Alt+F4 out of the game and use the web-based character stuck page to have your character moved.


This looks to be something that has been around for quite awhile, according to Wowhead comments.