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I tried low level pets. I tried every combo of pets I had/could think of, this guy is the epitome of gimmick pet fights.

Extremely high bonus hp, all his pets are basically max speed, they all deal cross-type damage which makes them strong against what is strong against them.

Not even sure why I pet battle since pet battling only gives more pet battle stuff and I don’t spend all day doing it.

So any tips on this guy would be great. I am actually legitimately ashamed at how long I spent on this before I quit, and angry for how much of my time it wasted.

Xu-Fu’s has 7 strats for this fight at the moment:


Maybe this is just me, but the Battle Pet WQ are ridiculously difficult. I spent quite some time also throwing every combo of pets against this trainer and couldn’t keep my pets up till the end. I keep having to Google strategies and copying them. This totally removes the fun from the process. If I can’t come up with a creative solution and have to constantly copy a strategy online for a simple WQ… the amount of time and effort just doesn’t seem right for a WQ.

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3 shimmerbough hoarder makes the fight super easy.

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I have no shame about grabbing strategies from Wowhead or Xu-Fu. Suspect they’ve come from truly dedicated pet people who’ve burned through a lot of time and a bunch of bandages figuring them out. I just want to get some XP and maybe some charms.


Indeed. It may feel a little cheap sometimes, but personally I put in a lot of work gathering and leveling stuff over the years. I did have my own strats for awhile, saved in a textfile, but they weren’t optimal when compared to some of the Xu-Fu submissions.

So a shortcut feels like a reward.


I used Benax, Nether Faerie Dragon and another frog with Tongue Lash and Swarm of Flies. This tends to work for me.

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Spent too long burning thru pet bandages with various strats including Level 1s… Much to my surprise my regular team of IKKY (he cleaned up so could do x3 if u want), Korthik Swarmling and Mechanical Axebeak did the job first go. Hope this helps.

Part of using other players’ strategies is learning from them, and sometimes just enjoying the sheer elegance of their solutions. On my own I never would’ve come up with Infected Squirrel, who almost always takes out both Whirly and Stinkdust just by himself.


I tried a couple times with different setups and this one by far worked the best. I didn’t have benax or neither faerie dragon, but I substituted a biletoad and my celestial dragon and it worked out just fine. Only lost my dragon and didn’t have to use my second frog.

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I personally like looking up the strategies on XuFu, because that’s how I mainly find new pets to try to collect. If I already have the team lined up, great! But I’m still at the point in my collection where there’s still new pets for me to grab.


X2 timeless dragonling
Open with tonguelasher force swap
Switch to dragonling drop time bomb wait until time bomb is at two turns
Swap in tonguelasher
Force swap
Insta stun swapped in pet
Swap in dragonling decoy, time bomb
Repeat. Endless string of big hits and stuns.

I do a sort of slow motion mass leveling of alts simply by running them in a circle through the 4 pet WQ’s, They fill the threads of fate 'aiding bars, When they hit 59 I turn in the 4 ‘aiding’ quests and get an almost free level 59.

Using xu-fu I have a set of teams that are 100% win vs. any of the pet wq so it is easy and I can watch my bonanza reruns while I level.

Besides always having enough pet stones to level up any new pet I get and bandages galore.

bonestorm is the clue that you can use Sunlight in some form to power through the first pet

the DOTs on the second pet mean any cleanse will be worthwhile if the pet has magic damage, or, simply use an aquatic pet as a starting place.

the third pet has a dodge & a speedy buff that is tough to get around . keep in mind the ability Swarm of Flies goes through dodges, and deals critter damage - thats a good place to start!!

After reading through the WHOLE of this thread, I found a surefire method for this and its really really easy. all 3 pets at level 2 and using a set type to wreck the first two pets.
2 aquatic pets and one magic attacking pet (being magic nature optional)
So two level 2 Aquatic pets you want to make sure both have aquatic attacks as they won’t be resisted but for the first pet with the AOE attack his damage will be severely reduced while you shoot him for 45-65 damage depending on the attack.
The firs pet can be whichever Aquatic you want but the second I HIGHLY recommend as Benax, as his second ability is critter damage.
The ease of how this works out makes it fast and simple and you don’t need to level any pets to complete it, just have a level 2 of these three and it works out every time.

Iron Starlette, Sunreaver Micro Sentry, Alpine Foxling

Black Lamb takes out his first two pets. Then I use a Crab pet with Bubble and Stampede, and a Blingtron to finish it off

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