#DualSpec No not giving up

Dull speck Is getting more and more needed whether you look on a Podcast whether you post on different servers.

Even content creators It’s I can’t find a tank for this or we’re having trouble filling our raid spots Because we can’t get a whole Even 24 people together let alone at 25.

And it’s even worse for pugs Is there’s literally been so many pugs I’ve been in Is where we just didn’t have enough DPS heals Whatever.

Not to mention the taking shortage I’m not saying it would solve it but it would certainly help

This idea that It makes this Needed gold sink and people are going to stop farming gold if they didn’t have to pay for respect is just silly.

Not everybody has the flying Mount On top of that you could make an argument that it would cause an even more of a gold sink because you would have to buy consumables for your offspike as well as your main.

And getting that 2nd gear set together will be expensive up front but at that point it really depends on how many pieces you’re able to upgrade at a time.

But you’re not going to be getting a new upgrade for every single slot every single week at least not normally.

My point is dual speck gives people reasonable Freedom It would be a good change I hear people constantly talking about I’ve talked to several.

Of my Guild members and people on my server and on other servers and I would say 80 to 90% of the people I talk to would all be in favor of it.

On top of that this idea that it would make boss as easier as silly as well I’m sorry the top guilds are literally one shotting bosses in an hour.

my point being Dull speck would be Is a wonderful feature for the game and there’s just no good reason not to have it.

So #Duel speck.


never gonna give you up!




Check this out, blizzard is starting a new council to better communicate with players. You should apply for a council and share your views on dual spec with them.


I can’t agree more. Dual spec is needed or at the very least do away with costs to respec. There are enough gold sinkholes in the game. Removing the fee to respec would only help fill those missing spots that are needed in groups.

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The forums certainly needed more drivel-to-text threads about #DualSpack from Meragune.


Do you want a gold sink? Put Barbershop in cities at 200g a cut. Problem solved. However, that’s would be too much effort from Blizzard

Ok Vigil vigilante. Are you going to use this reply in your wow community application?

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Won’t lie, a paid barbershop with even 5g appearance changes would beyond suck more gold out of the economy than re-speccing currently does. That’s a gold-star idea.

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This is TBCC. Not a season of mastery. You’ll get the game how it was and you’ll like it


There have been reasons given as to why Dual Spec isn’t the greatest solution, depending on what problem is being claimed to be solved.

Firstly let me say that I’m not hard against dual spec, just pointing out that several people have made points against it. I’m not sure that I’m remembering them all correctly, but a couple that come to mind are:

  • it’s a WotLK feature
  • it may push people to have more responsibility that they do not want, esp. those who identify as spec-class, e.g. “I’m a prot-warrior.”
  • it doesn’t really solve the problems it aims to solve, e.g. “I want to PVP and PVE without spending gold to respec, but I need to have Prot/Fury PVE specs for raiding, and then pay to respec to Arms for PVP”

And these are just the prominent ones that I happen to remember off-hand.

Anyway, as someone who respecs relatively often, and is still working on my epic flight, I’m not against a cheaper way for me to do so. I just don’t see Dual Spec as a silver bullet solution to world hunger.


and to these 3 points:

  1. So?
  2. If they get asked to take more responsibility, they were probably already being asked to take on specific professions or play specific class/spec to begin with and need to find a more casual guild.
  3. No one said it would “solve” the problems but it would absolutely aleviate them. Not wanting this change because it only solve 50% of the problem makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It’s like being against Nuclear because it’s not renewable energy. You don’t solve problems by letting them fester because you can’t come up with the perfect solution to all problems in the universe.

Well exactly. You’re asking for a feature of WotLK.

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And? How is that a point against the change exactly?

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It’s from a future version of the game. I mean, it’s maybe just one of those things that is so obvious that it isn’t obvious?

I’m not sure what your question is at this point to be honest.

My question is, how is this being in a future version of the game a reason why it shouldn’t be applied here?
Because people are against any and all changes that is remotely similar to later iteration of the game? That’s a terrible stance to have and one that leads only to a worse game overall if we can’t consider all options available, including features added later in the game’s life.

Not to mention dual spec was added because of the pressure from the community during original TBC to do something about the horrible state of respec as a gold sink.

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Never gonna let you down!

It wasn’t a gold sink. That’s never been its design intent. It was a deterrent to respec’ing often. It was intended to make choices matter.

Anyway, I’m not in this thread to argue against dual spec, nor to argue the merits of the arguments against them. I’m merely pointing out that there have indeed been arguments against it.

If you are dismissive of those arguments, or just simply don’t agree with them, that is fine. I certainly don’t mind. As stated, I am not hard against dual spec.

I’m merely replying to the statement that:

Now, of course we can argue the meaning of the word “good,” but if we apply that perspective, then the same argument works both ways.


Saying that because it was in WotLK it shouldn’t be considered or that it doesn’t fully solve the problem are objectively “bad” arguments.

They are both fallacies.

The only argument worthy of discussion is the potential for more requirements from guilds, for which I don’t see how it would outweight the valid arguments for dual spec like:

  1. Lower barrier of entry for PvP.
  2. More flexibility in how players can play.
  3. More tanks and healers available for dungeons.