Dual Wield Specialization for retail

[Dual Wield Specialization]

Increases the damage done by your offhand weapon by 50%, causes your Raptor Strike to strike with both weapons when you are dual-wielding, and Raptor Strike deals 30% increased damage when you are wielding two weapons of the same type.

We got this neat rune i SoD season two. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it as a choice node next to mongoose bite for retail sv as well?


Heh. We can finally get in on that Combat Rogue stuff.

This would be nice as a choice node with Mongoose Bite, not sure about those specific numbers for dmg tuning, but it would be a nice choice. One of my least favorite things about the new survival tree (aside from the nightmare that is Coordinated Assault) is that I’m not choosing between Tip of the Spear or Mongoose Bite anymore. Mongoose Bite is locked in pretty much all the time for me, and though I like the ability and it’s mechanic I miss Raptor Strike sometimes.

Agreed I’m all for more customization also may end up being a buff and I’m down for buffing melee surv

It would be a wonderful addition for sure. It’s mind boggling that they haven’t fixed dual-wield for SV hunter yet… Hopefully they take the hint from classic SoD and add it to retail. Would be nice to get away from that mongoose bite aswell.

I disagree with this, mongoose bite should be the staple imo.

And… what? Hold on to your pants, no one is saying they want to remove your mongoose bite. You are free to spam it all day long. This thread is about giving dual-wield specialization as a talent for those who don’t want to spam mongoose bite (we’ll prolly just spam raptor strike… but as dual-wield which is the point)…

Would rather it be a separate node so I can DW and use mongoose bite. Kind of like single minded fury for fury warriors.

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You would replace SV’s arguably most potent and unique mechanic (closest neighbor being Bulletstorm on MM, only competitor on SV being WFI)… with a purely passive effect?

Increasing damage done by your offhand weapon is just white damage. Increasing the damage of Raptor Strike while using two weapons of the same type in turn means you’re that much easily screwed over by loot tables and drop luck.

If you want to dual-wield so you take twice as long to acquire weapons… by all means, just give Dual-Wielding as a passive, baseline, to Hunter to increase offhand hit chance and strike for partial damage also with the offhand weapon. Now you can more easily loot-siphon / loot-funnel off Rogues and Monks and larp more broadly/freely.

But do not make a mere cosmetic distinction remove access to actual mechanics by making it a choice node with those mechanics. Mongoose Bite is already contextually optional.

Our highest key-pushers tend not to take it slightly more often than they do, especially on Fortified weeks, because it takes two prior hits for Mongoose Bite to pass Raptor Strike’s base damage and there are too often better competing uses for those GCDs within the would-be MB window, not to mention the talent cost itself:

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Huh didn’t actually know that cuz I haven’t looked at the dmg modifiers on each ability, good to know, ill have to try that build out on a fort week sometime

Tbf, as soon as the tier set changes to feature less WFB frequency and de-prioritize crit (again allowing Haste to be prio and allow for more globals per Mongoose Fury window), we’ll probably always take MB.