Dual Talent, and Thanks for SoM

Just go ahead and scroll to the bottom and give it a <3 I’m advocating for Dual Talent*

We do NOT want paladins to have taunt
We do NOT want druids to have a hard rez (like priest/pally/shaman)
We do NOT want Horde to have Paladins and Alliance to have Shamans
We do NOT want you to balance the classes (leave it alone)
We do NOT want you to give us summoning stones (please reverse this decision)
We do NOT want to go to TBC after SoM is over
(This is a very important choice you made… and the RIGHT one)

We do NOT want you to nerf mages or rogues or any other gold farming strats… JUST GET RID OF BOTS!! Hire extra people as their one and only job to ban the bots

We do NOT want Right Click Reporting. /ignore works just fine and reporting is GROSSLY ABUSED by toxic players who know how to game the system. (A.I. programs are completely flawed! Punishing the innocent and letting the very guilty go free)

We do NOT want Classic + (at least not in SoM) The whole reason to even launch a FRESH in the first place is because of all the dead Era servers. Classic was HUGE and bc of moving everyone to TBC all the die hard Vanilla gamers are all spread out across too many realms. This is a chance to consolidate all the Vanilla ONLY community into a small handful of realms that move back into Era after 1 year.

We do NOT want MASS free realm transfers off of populated servers! Even if it’s to balance PvP realms! Let a community grow organically. A BIG part of the reason there are so many dead servers is the knee jerk reaction of moving entire guilds and 2,000 players at a time to low population servers. Doing this destroying the server they went to… example Earthfury. Keep servers in check at the launch of the server. Just mandate PvP server faction balance at no worse than 40/60* see below

We do NOT want too many realms. Keep it homely, keep it small in number.

~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We DO WANT to have DUAL TALENT. It’s important to be able to do PvP and PvE content (or Tank / Dps) Make it cost 100-200 Gold to get it initially and don’t touch respec costs.

***It used to be possible to show up raid night in a PvP build and still do ‘ok’ on bosses in MC/ Ony, so doing a respec every week was not really that important…. BUT NOW IT IS important!! Bosses are MUCH harder and hybrid classes with the longer boss fights and more over all damage done to raid tax healers and ‘meme’ classes like boomkin disproportionately. Classes that can fill multiple roles are penalized vs rogues mages warlocks etc who only have to do ONE THING … pew pew. That one thing also happens to help them make gold better than full Resto Druid or Holy Priests or to a lesser extent Tanking classes. This serves to further exacerbate the pain of having more difficult bosses that require more farming for gold to get consumables. Just give us DUAL SPEC and don’t change the classes. Then everyone has a chance to experience the content with less penalty.

We DO WANT SOME change to the way PvP rank grind is done (it was VERY unhealthy for players and it created monsters: lizard brain overload) You have given us your solution. Other options might have been better but you gave us SOMETHING … kudos

We DO WANT a way to force faction balance at character creation: Just mandate PvP server faction balance at no worse than 40/60 (throttle log in times for the over populated faction incentivize players transferring to the underdog side. No PvP server should EVER get 70/30 because that very quickly turns into 99.9/0.1)

I’m indifferent about:

Guild banks (though it might be nice)
Increased loot drop rate (raids dropping 4 pieces instead of 2)
Harder bosses (really I don’t care that it’s harder but would have been fine with a Fresh Era)
Black lotus spawns (again… just get rid of bots. Hire more staff)
World buffs in Raids (that is not Blizzard’s fault… it is 100% of the fault of toxic wow community esp streamers and the zombies who follow them)

All in all I think you did a very good job listening to feed back from players and what would be the best solution for all parties involved. You had me worried for a while and I can tell you are actually reading the feed back from community and have done well. You made some pretty tough decisions and it may have cost you some subscribers; but it is the right direction and over all I give you an A - for your efforts in this SoM. I honestly did not have much hope you would do as well as you did. I have been VERY skeptical of you as a company; but in so many ways you’re doing pretty OK with this SoM!

Thanks for a FRESH that is NOT going to TBC. Lets keep Vanilla what is was (as close as possible anyway) … and give us DUAL TALENT :stuck_out_tongue: (I promise I won’t cry even if you sneak it in after the fact in a month or two fingers crossed)


SoM =/= Not Fresh Classic.

It is Classic+.

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Yes, I agree with you there. It is actually Classic + (because it’s different than Vanilla… they did not do #nochanges) but in another sense there is no new raids and no new content to explore after Naxx content is cleared.

So it is a FRESH but not actually a ‘full’ Classic +

So yes, and no.

Yeah, they won’t.

SoM is their test run to see how the crowd warms up to this. Otherwise they have no guaranteed reason to spend funds creating new content. :confused:

They have actually not said anything about Dual Talent that I know of… It maybe something they add like cronoboon after launch.

There’s enough changes that this one (arguably better than stuff they’ve already changed) is going to impact the game play less negatively and improve QoL more than anything they’ve done thus far.

Who is this “we” you keep referring to? I am quite certain most people do NOT agree with your rant.


If you are going to “pretend” that you are a Vanilla Wow player you should at least switch your icon to something OTHER than a TBC lvl 70… It’s more convincing.
Pro tip.

bc last I checked this is a post for SoM (an iteration of Classic Era) and for players who did NOT go to TBC and want a VANILLA Fresh. Please go back to retail/TBC.

Stop saying ‘we’, you do NOT speak for us.


The audacity of this thread lol. You absolutely do not speak for me.


Dual spec is garbage and definitely doesn’t belong in vanilla.

Guy who only plays vanilla


Why is this so hard for players like you to understand? I am not speaking for YOU! You are obviously not a die hard Vanilla fan. YOU ran off and left the Classic Era servers to die. I am speaking for US the Vanilla gamers who were betrayed and just want a Vanilla game to play that has not been gutted by TBC tourists. Again GO PLAY YOUR TBC and refrain from commenting in CLASSIC topics.

All that has been mentioned before is what WE WANT!

If you are going to troll at least change from your lvl 70 toon. It’s more believable that you are not the very reason we need a Fresh in the first place.

Zero content. Go troll some place else. Please come back if /when you have something meaning full to say.

Very good at least you are posting from an unleveled player that is not in TBC yet… Thank you for the post.
So let me ask you then, Reaver; Do you play a Shaman, Paladin, Druid, and or do you do two things that require you to change spec. If you ONLY play DPS or you do not BOTH raid and PvP this also excludes you from being capable of sympathy for classes that: Heal you, Tank for you, Rank in PvP AND Raid end game content.

So if You do not personally need Dual Talent to play one of the 8 possible roles that lets say a Druid could (and I’m only saying they pick 2 of the 8) give me a solid reason as to why it would bother you that other people are able to fill 2 roles with out wasting 8 -20 hours grinding gold to just throw it in the trash? Time is valuable.

I don’t agree that every character should have two specs to use at a whim anywhere and everywhere throughout the game.

This trivializes specs, makes everyone feel the same, and it makes the game less interdependent on other players/classes meaning less grouping up in an MMO which is bad.

If you can switch spec and solo something that otherwise required you talking to other players and working together that’s not good for an MMO.

The classes you list that need dual spec so badly, I don’t agree I think they could find solo content to keep them busy during down time if desired. Every class is good at this and bad at that, that’s what makes you need other players. Needing other players in an MMO is good. If you’re playing a healer, chances are that you’ll make a lot of friends who will want to help you out and I’m sure whoever helps you is in some shape or form getting a gain or benefit by hanging out with you.

What’s wrong with helping your healer friend? That’s fun. Why would you want everyone constantly soloing and then raid together once a week? Why even play an MMO when you could play a single player game that accommodates you soloing the game?


Great points. I voted your comment up even if I don’t totally agree. You at least are providing a thoughtful response and I greatly respect that.

Maybe it’s the way that I play or some of my experiences in the game that I struggled in but I am truly a hybrid when I play as a druid. It’s part of the reason i picked the class in the first place… I can heal, tank, dps both mele and spells and there is a heavy ‘tax’ for being able to ‘do it all’ But I’m not wanting to solo. In fact just the opposite. If i meet a Warrior I can heal him (offset his weakness) … a healer I can provide protection as a tank.

I have trouble with the PvP and Raiding. And this is for me the biggest point and problem with SoM. In ‘Easy’ mode MC/Ony I could come in a hybrid spec. I was able to survive on my PvP server if i went deep enough into Feral and resto to get the spells i needed to play as a balance druid. As a raider… I could get away with it in Era MC/Ony… HOWEVER in this SoM it’s so hard and meme specs will be so completely overpowered by the mage casting frost bolt or the rogue/Warrior dps that I won’t even be invited unless i go the extra mile be super nice beg borrow and steal and be in FULL talents for Raiding just to clear 4 bosses… and I will be completely worthless in all other aspects of the game.

From my vantage there is one thing that so PERFECTLY alleviates this dilemma: Dual Spec. And my reasoning is simple… We’re changing everything else so much in so many ways that we’re more or less in a Classic + environment (though not quite) We may as well incorporate something that is the ONE thing I’d ask for… so there you have it.

Also have you ever tried to kill mobs on a busy PvP server to grind demonic runes for a raid as a RESTO? You literally plan your grind spots based on how far away you are from spirit rez graveyard. and expect 90% of the ‘grind’ to be running back to your body because as a healer the only thing you can do is die slowly.

Well, WE do think this post is actually cringe…


i think paladins should still get their taunt lol them having taunt isnt gonna brake the game they still cant get defense cap without losing all their threat

Please stop linking everyone on the forums to your drivel.

KK, thanks.


“WE” (in this case meaning my husband and I) Do not agree with 95% of what you posted. Perhaps you should edit your post to include a description of who “WE” is in your case. Make sure that everyone you include in your “WE” completely supports all of your points. This means you can not make “WE” to represent die hard vanilla players until you go and talk to every single one of them. That is never going to happen. Actually, just change all of the “WE” in your post to “I” referring to just yourself.


No, I definitely WANT summoning stones…


We, that being me myself and I do not agree. We are of a different opinion.

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I’d prefer they lower respec costs first. Have it cap at 10g for example. I think it might be enough of a change to make people more interested in other aspects of the game if they could respec more often without farming. It might also be an overall larger gold sink total for the economy than keeping it at 50g