Drunk disconnects while flying

Grabbed some Sulfuron Slammers from the bar in BRD and drank one after hearthing back to Shattrath. Being drunk while flying (mounted or bird form) and forcing the camera back to center (hold right click while flying) will consistently cause a disconnect from server. The player model snaps from the drunken trajectory back to the one where you’re pointed, and may be causing some kind of position error. This behavior is consistent across different characters and methods of flying.


I have the same issue and its funny as heck. XD

Don’t Drink and Fly.

just started having this issue today. very annoying.

Just had this for the first time too. Having to sit and sober up before trying to fly again now.

this still happens. feel free to do something about it blizz…

Still happening, trying to fly around during Brewfest, real fun… syke.

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I came here to say this.

Usually it’s caused by you right clicking to stabilize your character while flying.

It’s an ancient bug.