Druids worth ranking?

So i play a moonglow spec druid (love it) but im at the point where alot of the other dps classes are beginning to seriously out gear me since i heal in raids.
Im sitting at 150 spell power but its very hard to get any more raid gear to go towards pvp as a resto druid.
So i wanted to grind out the pvp set and use that, which would only require rank 8 or 10.
The issue is that grinding honor sucks tremendous balls and i hate it, so what im asking is OTHER DRUIDS who have acquired the pvp gear, is it worth it?
Is the 4 piece worth it?

Thank you in advance.

the 4pc is just so you can fc better in wsg nothing else

tier gear is pvp gear

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WSG is about 50% of the ranking experience (unless you’re ranking in AV) so yes, I would say 4p PvP is absolutely required if you plan to do any PvP as a druid.

I think some people might miss the point.
I don’t spend all my time in bgs and most of my pvp that i do and enjoy is open world pvp, getting ganked and ganking, so if im gearing for pvp, im gearing for wpvp.

My perception of the 4 piece was its usefulness for kiting in bear form.

nah because its so easy to slow spam someone these days, I mean look at the stats of the pvp set though, its trying to be hybrid which isnt good if you’re going for moonfire/wrath kills

I wouldn’t be so sure, stacking armor has been incredibly helpful in fighting rogues and warriors just so it can let you get away from them.
Id imagine if my bearform damage were a little higher it would also help to close out a duel in the last 10 seconds of a fight when ive done all the damage at long range that i can and just need to secure the kill.



you could try this gear tier


Thanks, yea i think im gonna quit this horrible grind, there are other options and i would replace the pvp set with the teir 2.5 eventually anyway.

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The set is worthwhile for Feral, yes. The set is definitely not worthwhile for Balance or Resto, as there is far better gear in raids. It is super convenient to have one set that is a catch-all like the PVP one, at least until AQ tier 2.5, but the time investment is tremendous.

Have you watched ebbnflow’s pvp videos? He’s made some interesting ones that might answer your question. Sodapoppin was another one that had some good classic druid guides i think. Good luck.

Good choice, its not worth it at all at this point. Right now for my solo pvp set I’m using 6/8 T2, ony neck, bwl str chest, don julio’s, seal of the archmagus, t1 wrists with str enchant, garr hammer, offhand. Not 100% what I want but very solid for hybrid pvp. It has a bunch of fire and shadow resist which is extremely nice.

My goal for when AQ drops is to keep the T2 helm, hands, belt for shadow resist and 3 piece bonus. Get T2.5 boots, shoulder, legs for set bonuses. Keep malfurion’s bulwark for that sweet armor and to swap out for Interlaced Shadow Jerkin w/o breaking set bonuses. Wrists either world dragon +4 resist bracers if I can come by it or nature resist ones that drop off Skeram. Weapon ideally the 1 hand AQ20 set mace, with an offhand to fit the situation, either spellpower or the +15fr +10 shadow resist one from ud strat.

If you continue being moonglow maybe try and snag the +resist staff off Skeram. Hopefully your guildies already have decent spellpower weapons by that point and you can get it relatively quickly as a pvp piece.


Move speed is probably the most important stat in PvP period. It can be the difference of catching someone, or getting away from an unfair matchup. It means a lot more than doing a little more dps or having a little more healing. Even if you’re just using it to get some distance, it can shave off an extra second getting to 30 yards range to get a healing touch off or restealth.

I love world PVP. You can world PVP fine with raid gear though.

The PVP gear is really feral focused but the speed increase in forms is nice. It has saved me and you can chase down a 60% mount, so that’s fun. I don’t think it’s too hard to get to rank 8 but that is up to you. Not liking battlegrounds makes the probably not worth it as the PVP grind is not quick even to rank 8. Otherwise, I’d say it is worth it for world PVP.

you’re not getting +spd gear from raids. Check some bis guide, it will have a lot of blues and boes

rank 8 really is not a bad grind at all - well not on my server. about 40k honor for a couple weeks would get you close with a few finishing weeks for the final push to bump that up to maybe 100k?

Ranking is never worth it for anyone, ever.

You don’t “need” the 4 pc in pvp, especially in wPvP. It’s tremendously (tremdously!!) helpful, but not 100% needed.

I would HIGHLY recommend it though, even for wPvP. Resto druid pvp (as you know) is largely about not getting hit and the set bonus helps you get behind los more quickly, get out of range of casts, get out of range of melee, etc.

But if you have really high end heal gear and can just efficiently pump through damage, you’re still going to be fine. The most important thing (if you don’t have it) for resto druid pvp is engineering and damage trinkets, imho.

Thank you for everyones replies.
An update, i just got to rank 8 this week and got my 4 peice, with that and teir 2 shoulders, bracers and head combined with staff of dominance and other bits and peices for my pvp gear.
My spellpower is still low at only 170 but i should be getting lok amir next time it drops.

To help other druids decide in the future if they want to do the grind, i would highly HIGHLY recommend it, as the stam int and armour alone make the set amazing.
the extra damage in bear and cat form also help alot when tussling back and forth with a warrior or rogue, trying to land a natures grasp proc.

It has not helped my match up with mages or priests much but its a HUGE help against rogues and warriors.
You are able to out pace rogues with their sprint ability while in cheetah form.

The overall spell power you get from it is also on par with most other sets you would be able to put together in phase 4.