Druid talent trees still in Beta

Any chanse this could get worked on soon?


Best we can hope for is they accidentally overtune the crap out of one of the specs. Then at least we can play the game, albeit painfully


It is bar none the worst class tree in the game in its current state.

When you look at something like the mage, DH, rogue, or even shaman class tree, the druid class tree is a farce.

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At least 4 useless talents in the base druid tree for most ferals trying to pvp: starfire, sunfire, moonkin form, and soothe. And for the most part you can’t really avoid those talents if you want cyclone.

None of those are on any feral druid hotbars. Well, maybe sunfire on rare occassion.

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The fact is, shapeshift abilities need to baselined to their forms, and sunfire aoe needs to also be baselined. The restoration spells in rejuv, wild growth are undertuned, useless garbage for non-resto, take them out and baseline them to resto if you won’t make them good for all spec.

Move Solar Beam from the spec tree to the class tree. Lycara’s Teachings needs to go to 2 points. Our capstones suck, fix them.

Travel Form needs to be allowed indoors and set to 60%, just like ghost wolf. Barkskin needs serious improvement as a defensive CD. Bump to 35% or give 2 charges or increase healing received while Barkskin is active by 20-35%.

Regrowth is a stationary cast for 1.5 seconds where you can’t cast anything, and it only heals 8% HP total.


As long as it’s unchanged outside. Alternatively, cat form could move at greater speed out of combat. I know travel form has some oddities with its coding.

I don’t even see why cat form has to move at 30% speed when shamans with ghost wolf moves at 60% speed in combat, and has access to spectral walk at half the cooldown of dash. And dash is double the cooldown of rogues’ sprint, not like it makes any sense because they also have shadowstep or hookshot as instant dashes, even better than wild charge.

A lot of druid problems are vestigial because they’re being balanced against classes whose kits have expanded whereas druids’ have not.

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Druid have 4 specs… Just split the class tree into two. Problem solved.

So…a little bump after seeing they now pushing out heroic talents.

Just reminding devs that druid talent tree is still in beta and is a hot mess.

Please fix before adding another layer.

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“Solar beam to the class tree”

Yea no, stop it.

Other than that yes druid trees need to be cleaned up