Druid Shapeshifting Macro, need help!

/cast [indoors]Cat Form;
/cast [outdoors,nocombat]Travel Form(Shapeshift);[nostance:1/2/4]Moonkin Form
/cast [nostance:1/2/3/4]Moonkin Form;[nostance:1/2/3/4/nocombat]Travel Form;
/cast [stance:4,outdoors,combat]Bear Form;!Moonkin Form;

Right now this macro will do the following:

  • When inside, you will switch between Cat form and Moonkin form.

  • When outside, not in combat, you will switch between Flight Form and Moonkin Form. You will also transistor from Bear or Cat into Flight form.

  • When in combat, you will switch from Moonkin Form to Bear Form. You can also switch from Cat straight into Moonkin, but you’d need a separate macro for the Cat Form.

The problem I’m having with the macro is that if you spam it too quickly, you fall out of all forms and back into stance0.

/use [nocombat,noform:3/5/6] Travel Form; [spec:1] Moonkin Form; [spec:2] Cat Form; [spec:3] Bear from; [spec:4] Travel Form

This is a macro I found on the forums that removes stance0, but I don’t know why or how. I’m able to spam my key without ever falling out, I want to add that into the macro I created. The idea of my macro is that you’ll be able to switch between defensive(Bear) form and Moonkin while in combat. Then, switch directly to Flight
Form when out of combat without ever going into stance0. Can anyone help me achieve this?


This is what I’ve come up with since posting:

/use [swimming] [flyable,nocombat,noform:3]Travel Form;
/use [noform:4]!Moonkin Form;[indoors]Cat Form;[combat]Bear Form;!Moonkin Form

For Cat form:

/use [form:1/3/4]Cat Form; [form:2]Moonkin Form;[combat]Cat Form;!Moonkin Form

For Bear:

/use [form:2/3/4]Bear Form; [form:1]Moonkin Form;[combat]Bear Form;!Moonkin Form

Prioritizing not-Moonkin

/cast [combat,noform:1] Bear Form; [nocombat,indoors,noform:2] Cat Form; [nocombat,outdoors,noform:3] Travel Form; Moonkin Form

Prioritizing Moonkin

/cast [noform:4] Moonkin Form; [combat,noform:1] Bear Form; [nocombat,indoors,noform:2] Cat Form; [nocombat,outdoors,noform:3] Travel Form

Thank you spent so much time looking this exact macro for my Boomy :slight_smile: