Druid RP Guilds/Community

As the title says. I have a lot of RP experience but I am struggling to find the right fit for my druid.

Druids were always described as distant from society and secretive of their order. I would like to RP Kurosin but it just feels wrong to bring him to tavern RP or other casual settings. All he really cares about is the Balance.

If there are any Night Elf centric/Druid guilds out there I’d love to know.


Been looking for something similar for my Druid. We might have to set something up.

There was an initiative a while back (pre-BfA… maybe Legion?), but I don’t think it ever did get off the ground.

I’m kind of in the same boat with this character; she’s a harvest witch who’s recently returned to her homeland in Silverpine, and spends most of her time trying to protect/restore the area.

I don’t know of any current druid-centric projects, so it might be worth getting something going, if there’s interest!

Ru Shallora Enudoril is a night elf only guild with druid-centric goals of protecting the wilds. We’re non militaristic, and we love meeting new people! We’re not all that active in SW.

([NELF A-RP] Ru Shallora Enudoril)

I wish you luck in your journey :slight_smile: Enclave was originally a druidic guild and was successful at first. But real life happened and my officers didn’t keep things rolling and I couldn’t get it back on its feet when I came back. Druid guilds are incredibly niche and tend to be small, but people shy away from small and new. So if you encounter new guilds or small ones, I encourage you to stay :revolving_hearts:

There is a Discord too for druids but it isn’t being utilized unfortunately.

We must be fixin’ dis…


I get the feeling we’d be better served by a druid community rather than a guild in this case, especially considering druidry’s cross-faction tendency.

That’s a shame. Do you remember the name of it?