Druid races for the Horde

I’ve not been one to complain about much in this game, but as for the post header: DRUIDS NEED MORE RACE OPTIONS!
The fact that only a troll and taruen can be a druid is crazy, there are so many options for classes to play almost anything that you want. I realize there is a lore thing that people care about but if you think about it you can be DK and a monk in almost if not every race. A lot of those races weren’t even around during the Lich King’s whole ordeal with stealing everyone for his army. Monk’s weren’t even a thing until panda’s came into the picture but you’re telling me everyone can be a monk?
Their are VERY few classes that can’t be played across any race of your choosing, the Druids are one of the few that have limited options. I’m not asking for them them to be opened up on every race but give us something. Give us fox druids, nightborne druids, blood elf druids, SOMETHING !
If I had preference, I’d like something that can wear the helmet correctly and actually wear it’s shoes…
We’ve got a new expansion coming out, this give you Blizzard the perfect opportunity to do this one little thing.


Dont worry…in a few years when orcs can play every single class…everyone will be Orc…and the forums will be raging about race diversity ^^

Druid races likely take the most development time having to make unique forms for every race.

I’m sure we’ll see more in the future, but I wouldn’t count on it any time soon.


I want Nightborne Druids. I’m sick of the argument of “but they focus on the arcane”, when you have Night Elves that can be mages, and Illidan who was part of the Moonguard that focused on arcane magic. Giving Nightborne Druidism is only fair at this point.


But it’s 4 and it’s different KINDS of Trolls/Tauren.

I mean, they’ve already said they’re working to be able to allow all race/class combos (eventually) and Druid will probably be one of the last ones unless they literally just use the same OG bear/cat skins for all the extra races.

I, for one, will welcome Forsaken Druids to the fold! Bone Bear 4 lyfe!

I think that I will always have a Tauren Druid but “Things that I want to see in Live” are.

Dwarf Druids
Mag’Har Orc Druids
Forsaken Druids
KT Paladins