Druid Macro Help

i am trying to make this macro

/cast [nostealth] Rake
/cast [nostance:2] Cat Form;
/cast [stealth] Rake
/cast [mod:alt]Prowl
/cancelaura [mod:ctrl]Prowl
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

work as maul if i am in bear for as well as the cat form rake. As of now it rakes if in cat form out of stealth but nothing in bear form. If i could get a condition to get bear form to maul that would be AWESOME.

thx for anyone that can help this poor soul.


What is it you want it to do? It’s currently pretty convoluted with you asking for bear stuff when the 2nd cast is to place you into cat form if you’re not.

Quick cleanup of what’s currently there

/cast [mod:alt] Prowl; [noform:2] Cat Form; Rake

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Thx again Elvenbane for responding. I just want that macro or the one you just cleaned up to MAUL when i am in bear form. So if i am in bear that macro would also Maul and swapping to cat would rake as well as the other functions noted.

Sorry for not being clear.

thk u

So if you’re in Bear Form then it shouldn’t switch to cat?

Correct Elven. I just want the ability to fire ONLY if i am in that stance. I dont want it to shift me automatically.

Thk u

/cast [form:1] Maul; [mod:alt] Prowl; [noform:2] Cat Form; Rake

Gonna give this a try and thx a second time Elven. Ill let ya know how it does!

Thank you Elven. All good.

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