Druid FLight Form in Dragonflight

i thought I read somewhere that Druid Flight form wont be usable in Dragonflight that we can only fly with Dragon Mounts. Can anyone confirm that?

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Right now yes.

It follows the same rules as flying mounts. They have to be unlocked first.

So Dragon Flying is not the flight ability that we have had to unlock in the past. So bliz plans on unlocking Flying later on?

To me they should add in the ability too fly like that as a druid. Just as a choice guve 2 buttons for flying and we can choose which one we want to use.


There has been at least one dev interview that suggests they are planning on doing this.

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Probably very late in the expansion like Bliz typically does with Pathfinder achieves etc. Right now they are high on their Dragon Flying Mechanic.

I mean…. I dont blame them. It’s pretty great.

So fast!

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