Druid Azerite Powers SS and AP


I Have spent hours and hours upon day after day grinding mythics and raids with PUGs (most being crap) to save up titan resid. I had over 7k titan residium. I have mixed all kinds of azerite traits and the only ones that seem of any value are streaking stars and arcanic pulsar. I ended up getting 4 of the 1.6k titan resid items and they all proved absolutely worthless even with 20 ilvl boost on each main slot.

When you overpower an azerite trait everyone in the game is working for that one combination. It makes the game feel very robotic like we’re all grinding for this one goal (streaking star and arcanic pulsar combo) and it makes it no fun to explore what the other azerite traits do because I have to deal with all the snarky comments about low dps. And to be honest theyre right. Its embarrassing trying to even explore the other traits.

It would be more fun if the other azerite traits were less proc based or proc’ed more often to make them valuable and fun. I love seductive power and blessed portents and trade winds. Theyre so much fun to watch their effects but their effects are miniscule and I have to dump the gear I’ve worked really hard for in my bags and conform just to run the same mythic grinds.


If you had over 7k residuum you should have bought the specific 415 piece you wanted with the traits you wanted