Druid and MCP


Been reading up about druid and appearntly our BiS weapon for both bear tank and feral dps is a 3 charge on use item from a low level dungeon that we need to farm hundreds if not thousands of over the course of game.

I can deal with most anything quirky/grindy from vanilla but this is just too autistic even for me. I don’t really intend to play much tank or cat DPS but it would be nice to have the option to.

Do I really gotta farm these up anytime i want to tank dungeons or possibly even OT a raid at some point? And what about PvP, do I need these as FC druid in WSG? What about general 1v1/open world am I going to be at a huge disadvantage say dueling someone in my resto spec bc I don’t have MCP for whenever im in bear etc…


Oh lawd I hope not, that sounds awful and I was thinking of Druid for classic…


BiS is a strong word for it. Its very good, but you wont be using only that. Get you a Warden Staff or Unyielding Maul. These two will last any bear tank worth their salt till the dragon weapon, Hammer of Bestial Fury.

Think of it more like a potion, than a long term use weapon.

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It’s 1 per boss fight, after you use the three charges or on trash, you use a different stat stick. It’s no worse than farming pots/flasks and druids can farm it from the back entrance of gnomer in like 5 minutes.

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You won’t need them for dungeons, it’s primarily for raids when you’re min/maxing. That’s the reality of trying to be competitive on a hybrid. MCP is best until I believe Naxx area, but I could be wrong. I know the helm isn’t replaced for a very long time.

MCP is still needed for the threat. Warden Staff is great as a stat stick, but when you need threat only MCP helps.


If you want to be taken seriously as a feral dps or tank then yeah, you’ll need MCPs. There’s no way around it. You don’t need MCP for PvP.


Didn’t you make this thread yesterday? The thread in question seems to be deleted, so sorry if it wasn’t actually you, but I had copy-pasted it to my brother.

Seems like you just want to call MCP farming autistic.

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Best is not the same thing as necessary.

It is never necessary. It is frequently helpful.


Short answer: no.

Long answer: depends on how you want to play, and your guild wants to play.


its much worse than what other classes do, you need a mace for every boss on top of everything else

farming those things is pretty tedious and they are not a guaranteed drop either. you are looking at a couple hours of farming maces every week if you want to MC or BWL run.


only for raids. No one will expect you to use 1 for 5 mans.

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It’s the same for Ret. This is if you want to min/max. You can get away with doing less, but as both Ret and Feral you’ll do a lot less damage. It’s the inevitability of playing a hybrid DPS.

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It takes literal minutes to farm the boss. You only need them on bosses. It may be worse but it is far from being much worse.

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The flip side is you don’t have to spend on weapon enchants and compete against others for high value weapons. As a Fury Warrior or Rogue, and as a caster you have a huge amount of competition.


there were lots of bosses in the raids though, and again they are not a guaranteed drop. i think it was less than 50% actually

a full MC run was still over an hour of farming maces, and thats being generous. MC + bwl would mean hours of farming every week. plus there will be wipes which mean you will need more

this is an interesting play style that wasnt really a thing in the real vanilla, but the time commitment is pretty bad tbh

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Given how fast druids can do it, you run into the hourly instance cap quite fast. So… it doesn’t have to be all at once. Farming consumables is a normal thing, anyway. Being able to farm easy content is a lot better.


Bis mitigation bear wep is Warden staff. You can open with a MCP and use 1 charge if you want a massive threat lead. Then switch to warden staff. Bears already do alot of threat at cap. When I tanked on the pserver I only ever used a MCP on the dps checked fights.Maybe farm 5 or 6 for a raid they have 3 charges each. once Blessed Qiraji War Hammer is released you would only need a couple pummlers a week for aq since everything else will be on farm.

As for cat. yeh your gonna need a ton of them. takes like 15 min to do 5 runs if you go in the back door.

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[quote=“Xepidel-illidan, post:1, topic:199155”]
Do I really gotta farm these up anytime i want to tank dungeons or possibly even OT a raid at some point? [/quote]

Absolutely not.

Nope, :slight_smile:

Don’t need MCP for duels, or world PvP. Of course, gear always matters in PvE and PvP, and resto spec is all about a mobile/outlast playstyle in duels and world PvP. So you want a combo of +healing and decent stamina gear if you want to play resto in PvP. Don’t even need MCP to DPS dungeons. The only real thing you need MCP for is to make decent DPS in raiding, and perhaps some Main Tanking in raids, on threat based fights. But Druids have REALLY good single target threat in raids, so I’d say its probably only necessary if you’re in a min-maxxing guild. But for the most part “Bare Durids” (<3 Alamo) can main tank something like 80-85% of ALL RAID CONTENT just fine. For tanking, ust get yourself an unyielding maul from the DM tribute run and you’ll be set as far as your weapon goes, at least until those sweet, sweet Feral AP weapons come out.


Threat has never been a problem for feral druid tanks, they actually put out more threat than warriors even without MCP. MCP was for dps druids trying in vain to keep up with rogues on the meters.


You’ll only use it in raids, and if you roll with casuals, they won’t care or understand things like TPS from MCP.

As for the time commitment, a good way to look at is from a this perspective - a Warrior MT could do MC for a year and still not get Windseeker bindings. You can get MCPs everyday in just a few minutes and TPS like a boss. Hehe, so in a way, it’s not so bad.