Dreamsurge Greenwalker Buff - Valdrakken - Annoying

The stealth buff doesn’t change your movement speed at all; it’s just the illusion of moving slower due to the animation.

I actually find the situation pretty interesting, as it’s like moving through a city of phantoms on a populated server when people are just standing around stealthed if they’re not mounted. I can definitely put up with this for one week out of every four on the rare occasions where the buff is voted up.


true. and as i just logged in there is another buff up now that got voted in i guess called Dreamsurge Zephyrs which increases movement speed by 50%. so running out of the inn is faster now lol. so cancels the other out.

Please yes get rid of it annoying as the Talking Heads


I simply ask that any of the dream surge or superbloom buffs be right click removable on demand. The superbloom buffs persist after the event is completed, and I usually find myself choosing the buffs that don’t place a pop-up button on my screen, even though that choice may not be optimal. And if I don’t make a choice after viewing, let me remove that minimized window in the middle of my screen that says I have choices to make.


There are only one or two that are actually useful. The rest are just annoying nuisances that do pretty much nothing useful.

We have a hotfix on the way. Thereafter, Dreamsurge buffs should no longer apply to player-characters who are in Valdrakken.


This explains the 4h maintenance tomorrow.


funny enough i was also talking about how annoying this was in some private spaces (discord). kinda funny how others were thinking the same thing as me despite me never actually voicing my opinion anywhere. pretty welcome change tho

While I get it, I do like seeing the buff, especially on alts that are levelling, I’d also like to see the next one while in Valdrakken, right now you cannot see what it will be until you leave the city.

Just a little QOL, not a complaint.

The 3 things flying around is a bit annoying, but so is the stealth.

What I would miss is the drake with the AH and such following you

Will you also fix the Valdrakken Orb coalescence correctly counting towards “Shaping the Dreamsurge”? :wink:

Welp, goodbye awesome rep buff for Aiding the Accord every fourth week.

Could you guys add back Thaldraszus dragonrider world quests instead?

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Oof. Rip the rep buff. Besides someone already posted that y’all fixed dreamsurge dreamwalker buff (spellID= 418770) with 10.2 because all throughout 10.1.7, whenever that buff was active everyone in valdrakken was stealthed. Making it look like the game was giga-dead, thus fueling the common agenda of classic players who sometimes foray into retail to reaffirm how “dead” retail is. With 10.2 the buff no longer made everyone invisible.

Just selectively fix that buff more don’t yeet the rest of the dreamsurge buffs into the twisting nether.

First of all, Im shocked to see a blue post. I know how much they hate having to communicate with the community.

Second, how did you not notice this on the PTR? Its incredibly obvious to me that some of these buffs on 100 people in the same small area would be a problem.

You do 2 steps outside of the city and pop the rep tokens? :slight_smile:

Just drag the Aiding the Accord quest giver with me?

You have tokens in your bag no? that you then activate

Aiding the Accord

Unless you have already maxed out the rep, you are not awarded tokens. You are granted the rep directly, where you are standing at the time you turn in the quest, at the quest giver.


Strange, I’m def still getting tokens, have been even before the dreamsurges, max for a long time now.