Dream surge portals

I’d like some acknowledgment from blizzard of the ongoing issues with the dream surge events not working from blizzard since Tuesday. Bug report forum is silent. It bothers me there is no communication on when this is going to be resolved, I’m tired off logging on and have to sit in the azure spawn sight with fingers crossed hoping this time it will spawn.
Do better with your customer’s.


They do need to deal with bugs when they pop up, I’m still waiting for Secrets of Azeroth day 12 quest to pop up and be fixed.

Blizzard stop with the customizations and work on the bugs they are building up.


While they definitely do need to fix it, I’m curious why you’re just sitting around waiting on it?

You can get the dust to complete the quest from any number of other places.


You can’t complete the intro Dream Surge “do 3 quests/kill 1 rare/close 1 portal/jump down turnaround pick a bail of cotton” quest without it.


What about the “Swing your partner round and round, pick him up and throw him on the ground” part?


Sadly, it’s bugged, too.


I have been saying stop releasing content and fix the content that has been needing to be fixed prior to the new content being released. It is disappointing to have this content you want to do but unable to do it cause of the lack of quality.

The shards from the portal for the mount don’t drop from quests

Charred elemental remains

It’s not Raid or Mythic+ content so it won’t get fixed in a timely manner. This current Dev team doesn’t give a damn about open world players or open world content.

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They do drop from empowered rares.

I stand corrected. They only do from the small portal rares.

Ive never got one from the rares. I’ve gotten them exclusively from the portals

I looked it up on wowhead, it drops from the portal mobs

I’ve not seen the small portals or small portal mobs spawning either

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Most of the time I can’t interact with them, but I was finally able to interact with one and wasn’t impressed when it did work.

The problem is that someone, for whatever reason, is getting the event to 100%, the boss spawns and the Dreamsurge icon disappears from the map and they, apparently, just leave with the boss standing there. That’s why we couldn’t find the event when it changed to the Azure Span on Tuesday. What makes it somewhat easier to do that is that the birds keeps spawning continuously. The location of the Dreamsurge event is at 32.6 39.6.

The Waking dream portal wasn’t spawning at all except for a very few instances.

Hopefully that is fixed now.

To clear the air:

Tried to do the event last night and the progress bar never appeared. We killed mobs for about 30 mins but nothing spawned. The centaur Hunt was spawning overtop of the portal area during this.

Fly out of the area of the event and fly back in. If you started out in that area when you logged on, the bar doesn’t appear. At least for me, anyway. Of course, the event has to be going on in the first place with the big orange portal at 32.6 39.6