Draught or Circle

Normally, i always run draught for my necro but has anyone tried circle with it? has anyone noticed and difference? and i mean strictly in a arena aspect

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circle is worse for necro than draught. you could do it, but its going to be worse.

if you want to have some fun w/ circle try kyrian circle and that burst damage is absolutely wild. it hits harder and faster but you lose consistency and livability.

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i think circle pretty situational, it can be good against some comps. I like playing it in 2s or against teams where swaps need to be made.

Circle is your go to PVP lege right now, idk what these guys are on about lol. It enables your dots to do more damage faster, which means you can kill better. Does it suck to reapply them 25% more often? Sure. But atleast you aren’t pressing shred.

Out of the top 50 ferals in 3v3 na right now, 39 running draught, 7 running circle.

Draught is still better. Its still the meta choice. Youre free to go against it if you want. Its clearly possible but its not as good.

Axtin’s still running draught (on both his main and his alt marvin) it looks like. Not saying thats irrefutable proof but it supports the idea that draught is just the better choice

I mean I tested it alittle but last night. I didn’t feel like I seen a huge difference honestly. What comps would you run circle against ? I guess I’ll have to test it more tonight

Draught is best for sustained single target

Circle is best for sustained cleave and/or burst because circle affects feral frenzy and sickle, draught does not

The downside of circle is it becomes harder to use bites/maims while keeping up rip but it’s definite worth running circle if you want to rot 2 targets or when you want to 100-0 someone in a stun faster

I’d say circle is a good choice against rdruid/melee/melee comps and also when you are playing a setup comp like feral/spriest or feral/mage for the extra burst in setups. Other than that run draught or barkskin legendary


On my feral, I typically run draught unless there is a hunter. Circle tends to not feel as devastating against craven and mending bandage.

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