Drama thread

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The Jerry Springer thread

Where’s dipso? We need some light bringer here.


I’ve been flagged as inappropriate twice in 2 days, the rats are scrambling.


Hooch like drama. Especially when Hooch not involved. That Hooch favorite kind.


I’m just… so mad at the world!!!

shakes fist at sun

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That all reminds me of the words of two wise bodacious prophets who once said… let us be excellent together!

Its crazy how pedo, racist, cis white males keep trying to take the server from hands of the working class.

Remember our lame af drama from Mists?

Forgive the quality, I lost the actual SS and only had the ones I took of it on my phone.

Our back and forth drama was never ending.

I never see drama anymore by the way, it’s very rare, where are you getting your drama entertainment? I need some. I live for it.

Check out that D7 ad for WPvP like you’ve never experienced before. :joy::joy::joy:

“In a drama-free environment”
Back then D7 always seemed to need help. Def not “like you’ve never experienced before”
unless you’ve never experienced people trying to calm people down and have civil debates in TS while the raid sits ingame dead and unhappy about it, with a lot of fingers they want to point.

Personally, I like the person paying 100k for a female to /kiss them.
Even though I highly doubt they were being honest.

Was I wrong tho? :man_shrugging: You are a girl, and you can be rather b itchy sometimes :rofl::rofl::rofl:. That drama was only drama cus Neogen was being a simp. Im cool with Earthbeef :man_shrugging:.

Its kinda annoying how other people can post images on the forums but I’m restricted to trust level 0 because I’m a menace.

The good old days lmfao

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Right? lol

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Well, it seemed like you were outing me for being a girl so some neckbeards who noticed, would try to bother me, lmao. You weren’t wrong though. The drama was for quite a few reasons, started with some reasons, the reasons then changed, now it was because of those new reasons and it kept shifting. Which is why I said it was never ending xD

I’ve been cool with Earthbeef/Pingas since we were 13 years old. He’s a good guy.

My trust level being above 0 is a big surprise to me.

I was an immature teenager. Said things I’d say differently now. Less aggro, same meaning. I’m still immature, but when I look back on some of the things I said I get embarrassed

Diesel, still making e-girls blush in 2022. :muscle:

Lol, Georgia still not an e-girl in 2022. :upside_down_face:

Mhmmmmmmm… We both know I know better than that :rofl:

Guilty of doing some e-girl things. But not in 2022 :sunglasses:
Plus my net worth and gaming set up screams broke-girl

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