Drakonid Megathread! Let's do this!


I love this by the way. Dracthyr are not my Dragonkin and I’m glad they Dracthyr are going to be contained to a single class. I don’t want to see Dracthyr and knowing the future is Drakonid is great. No cringe visage highlighting the “Furriness” of Dracthyr, just a genuine pure-blooded Dragonborn warrior.


I’m not going to lie, a dragonkin enhancement shaman would sell me this expansion where the Dracthyr have here to fore failed to.


They still look like bara/bear bait and that wades chin deep into that particular territory like it or not.

Yeah, but still, they at least threw a scrap of a bone to make Dracthyr a bit beefier so maybe they can do the same in kind to Drakonids? Least I’m hoping so anyway. The example on the OP was… acceptable though I’d still personally like to see thinner options. I was so looking forward to making warrior Dracthyr and while I’m completely on board with people having their chonkster dragon characters I’m quite sick of being Big McLargeHuge for pretty much every race without the option for the opposite.

Yeah, I’ll admit I saw the Hearthstone pic and kinda knee jerked so my bad on that, I could see them adding it as an optional customization though since there’s complaints on both sides. I wish that was more of a thing with existing models as well. I like me some big bazookas and all but some of my characters are flatter than week old soda.

I mean… I don’t see any reason they couldn’t be Shaman. Dragons were originally from the elements.

I don’t even know what this means. >.>

Queer beefcakes IIRC.

Why can’t we just have a thread about Drakonid customizations and classes? lol


Why do Sparkle Lizards sparkle? Because they want all of the attention. Make a thread about Drakonids? “Nah, it’s actually going to be about Dracthyr nowkthxbyeeeee” (lol).


Ok seriously, I want that slightly less bulky Draenei playable.


I think draconid warlock could be cool! not sure if that fits lore-wise, but i always thought the caster dragonkin were the coolest ones :revolving_hearts:

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Actually, there already is one in game. So it could work. I need to add that.


I am a special kind of sleep deprived and/or stupid so no fancy reply format, but Sentenzà was correct, least about what I was referring to. We can absolutely discuss Drakonid customizations and classes, that’s what I was chiming up about. It’s not my fault they look the way they do, not even complaining either I’d roll a beef boi and a burly beauty but I also want additional options for a lanky lad and lithe lass.

Warrior, Hunter, Mage and Shaman would make the most sense IMO.

Please let this be a thing. I want to be a chonki boi

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Which faction would Drakonid be on and what skeleton would they use?

Neutral and the skeleton they already use. Keep in mind that they were revamped in DF.

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I think it’d be player choice really, I haven’t dug to deep into all the shenanigans on the starter zone for Drachs but they do spare some of them, it’s possible it could be said they might be part of it at least on the surface story telling wise. I have no idea for DF and beyond though but if they are hinting at an allied race Drakonid then there’s probably gonna be something involved there.

Skelly rigging wise, they have a ton of new animations including mounting and work animations like mining and so on, likely tagged for npcs but that could easily be translated into player animations. Animation wise via frames it’s still slightly stiff so if they are going to be playable, fingers crossed, they’ll need some polish. Overall framework too, not just animation, but that’d go without saying for a playable race especially if they’re gonna go full on customization too, again fingers crossed.

What about Female Drakonids or are we going the Dracthyr route on that one?

I don’t know what interview this was but it was already confirmed in an interview with Ion that no new allied races are planned for Dragonflight and the focus is on the Dracthyr.

  • No allied races currently planned for Dragonflight, but they are still open to using the system when it makes sense in the future. For now the focus is on the Dracthyr.

Allied races are likely to return in the next expansion after Dragonflight most likely, but who knows.

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All I want is Evoker to have a tank spec, and for us to have a non-cooldown related flight form.

Otherwise, for me, the class is absolutely perfect. =’]. (outside of the bugs, of course).

I’ll pay them not to do that and to give me gnolls instead.