Drakonid Megathread! Let's do this!

I doubt it’s every going to happen. Mounts and vehicles are too important. The biggest feature for the next xpac is dragon riding.

It’s much, much easier to just slap a new skin on an old model.

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That’s true.

They’d be the mounted and not the rider.

Updated the OP if anyone has anything to add to those three categories!

If the drakanoid women are as hot as the women draenei, I’m all in.

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I’m not sharing my garbage with these freaks, I stole it fair and square.

And we can finally put an end to people saying “Dragon no boobah”, lol.

Warcraft has a very specific style, a style that Drakonids adhere to and Dracthyr do not. Dracthyr do NOT scratch the itch of a Warcraft-style playable Dragon. Warcraft has sexual dimorphism, end of story to the Dracthyr simps.

Dragonkin in WoW are not the same as in Hearthstone. We meet and run around with a female Dragonkin on Dragon Isles. She looks no different than the others.

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The Hearthstone folk have a more true-to-the-roots approach to Warcraft than the current Warcraft team.

Just as Hearthstone’s depiction of N’Zoth became the canon depiction, it would not surprise me at all for us to eventually see the Hearthstone depiction of other elements make their way into WoW as well.

I want a very slim option like Dracthyr. And with the same level of customizations and with a visage form. If not, I’m not interested.

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Eventually, but I wouldn’t count on them doing it for Drakonid if they want to do this during DF as an AR.

Drakonid don’t have visages.

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Then I’m not interested.


Good luck, gonna keep asking for more classes for Dracthyr.

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The interview states they aren’t going to add more classes for Dracthyr. That’s why Drakonid are a thought process for more classes.

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Yes, I read it.

They also stated Void Elves wouldn’t get high elf customizations or that Blood Elves wouldn’t get blue eyes.

Devs’ “no” doesn’t mean anything.


:roll_eyes: Don’t turn this thread into elf stuff, please. This isn’t a thread to argue about what you want for your sparkle lizard.


Support. Also:


Thanks for the link!


What if we want our potential future Drakonids to be our “sparkle lizards”? If they’re really not going to add more classes to Dracthyr then I’d like some much thinner options, at the very least for my Drakonid warrior. Also a no breast option, please and thank you.

I’m not turning this thread into anything, I was simply explaining why I wasn’t interested.

Once again, good luck.

That’s not what Drakonid are.

If we’re lucky, we might get one more option for a slightly thinner, but another aspect of Drakonid is being big and bulky. So skinny probably won’t happen. But somewhat thinner for an option or two is a possibility.

Female Drakonid in WoW aren’t any different than males, so that shouldn’t be an issue.