Drakewatcher manuscripts

Why is there no way to tell if you already know a manuscript? The vendors and quest givers offer them all as if you don’t know them, once you buy them and try to re-learn them you can no longer sell them back. There doesn’t seem to be a way in the UI to see which you have… the only thing I can think to do is to fly all the way to where you can customize the dragon, write down the 20-30 ones you know then fly back to a vendor/quest point and learn the ones you are missing. This seems like an obvious achievement for appearances that should be trackable, or some kind of collection achievement but I can’t find anything. Maybe I’m missing something obvious or it isn’t in the game, but it is really annoying and not easy to find this information.


I was trying to find the same info and even was on FB but no one seems to know. So far it is like you said you pretty much have to have a notebook with what you already know for each drake. They being account wide you know some of the quest turn ins give you the same, but who can remember them. So HEY Blizz, can you make them just like recipies thay has the “Already known” on them???