Drakebreaker Gear now 479 ilvl - Edit: bugged, does not go to 479 when I upgraded it

Edit: It is an Upgrade Vendor tooltip error, my helm only went to 385/421.
The upgrade vendor is giving bugged info.

Is this intended. I have the full set and everything was upgraded except the helm.
I went to the upgrade vendor in the PvP area, and now the ilvl is 404/479

But I can’t upgrade my previous pieces I already bought and upgraded to 385, so I have to re-farm Trophy’s of Strife all over again? And re-buy the other 7 pieces?

This doesn’t seem right, right? Making us redo all the exact same thing we just spent the last 2 months working on?

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I wouldn’t upgrade anything at this point. Wait til the inevitable hotfixes tomorrow. There’s no way they’re going to let players keep 479 ilevel, even if its only PVP.

I’ll edit the post, it is an Upgrade Vendor tooltip error, my helm only went to 385/421

Why does the drakebreaker vendor that sold the epic gear if you swap the blue for purple using trophy of strife not sell those purple items anymore? Infact that vendor doesn’t have a buy option on it anymore.

Are you supposed to upgrade that blue drakebreaker gear from the catalyst from now on?


Looks like for some reason a version of the trophy from something became tradable people abused it i guess - They have to “clean up the mess” before the re enable the vendor part.

correction: from another post by a player - Kennie

Hi there, friends. I think you can use your trophies by going to the upgrade vendor in the Gladiator’s Refuge (where you upgrade Honor and Conquest gear with Honor to have a higher PvE item level).

This was likely done to fix the bug where Malicia would consume the 385 trophy pieces if you were to buy a duplicate piece, was was often the case with Rogues.

Edit: just tried to do that, did not let me upgrade.

once again blizzard managed to screw the pooch. They just can’t get a thing right with this game it’s actually becoming severely depressing to play these days

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If they double down and actually make us farm all this gear again I’m quitting. I have never hated patch day more then now, knowing we have to deal with all the crap just to get a few trophies and for what? It doesn’t have to be that stressful, like god mode where you can’t kill someone for 5 mins, wtf? It was like they got a great game and sat down and really put some thought into how to make it as infuriating as possible for a laugh. So many things they do make no sense. I knew when everyone was saying we got what we wanted there w3as going to be a really bad side to it all. I log in now and actually start feeling sad, I used to love getting home and turning the game on but now when I do all I can think about is what stupid idea they have implemented into the game or if my build is still viable at all. DF in my head is the end of wow and seems that others agree. So many are leaving, the game had a bigger spike in players for SL season 4 then the whole of df because it’s bad

I’m pretty sure we won’t have to re-farm the gear assuming you aren’t one of the people who abused the tradable trophies. They just paused the vendor so they can look into the bug fix it, and then hopefully take care of the people who abused the bug knowingly or not.

always has been just a half finished game, they can’t even be bothered fixing their own game so players have to improve it themselves. The more I comment on this the more I realize it’s over. Good luck to everyone out there I truly hope the game gets good but it’s time for a change for me. Sad moment quitting wow. UNINSTALLED. peace


upgraded my weapon today, it is 15/15 on 415.

Quality control for the win…

why can’t i upgrade my drakebreaker gear from blue to purple with trophies of strife anymore? im using the item upgrader in pvp room, was able to do it this wednesday morning before maintenance, now i can’t?

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i mean its showing in my bag that it is available to upgrade, but won’t let me


broken for me too.


Same for me, cant upgrade any blue Drakebreaker gear to purple.

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this is getting old

Sometimes I still question why I’m on this game…

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Had the same thing and I was like “WHAT!!???” and then it gave me the crappy version anyway. Now I don’t seem to be able to upgrade any pieces.

imagine drakebreaker stuff going a whole week without breaking