Drain Life: Nerf or Bug?

Are any other Affliction Warlocks noticing a severe reduction in healing and damage on your Drain Life? Specifically paired with Desperate Pact, Accrued Vitality, Grim Feast and Inevitable Demise.

Even with 50 stacks of ID in a PvP situation, it doesn’t seem worth pressing this button as of right now. I can’t find anything in the patch notes regarding a nerf or a known issue with Drain Life.

I’ve been testing this on the PvP dummies, with the help of the nearby PvE dummies. Dropping my HP to 3% with Burning Rush and getting to 50 stacks of ID, then turning on the PvP dummy to see how much it’s healing for. It’s not even getting me to 50%. Something is definitely amiss.


Thank you very much. Must’ve missed that.

They only put the note out about an hour ago. Unsure if it was affected prior to that.

Damn. It’s not even worth using now.

I had a 66k drain life tick against me the other day, it was a little wild to see.

Its bugged now

1500% was the bug before its “fix”

750% is whats normal

We are at 67% supposedly

ID always had an innate reduction to Drain heal%, this was made up by the massive increase in damage letting you heal alot more.

Right now at 50 stacks you heal less than what you have at 0 stacks

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Yeah crazy a 66k drain life tick when demon hunters are doing 60% of my health in 3 seconds


Outside of a Hunt crit that isn’t happening.

66k*3 ticks is 198k, that’s roughly about 60% health, so not sure your point there

3 seconds is a really long time for a whole team to fail to answer incoming burst

If you’re not sure what my point is there is no reason for me to explain my point we are operating on different levels of intelligence.

Yeah clearly your stuck eating glue

you set yourself up…