Dragonriding in old world speed at 80%

Let me preface this by saying, the 80% speed limit is ridiculous and is pointless.

However, compared to 310% it is so much faster.

I did a speed test in Kalimdor where I started at the edge of Moonglade and flew as Dracthyr all the way to the very edge of Uldum.

My time was 6:20 (six minutes and twenty seconds) I haven’t tested it with regular flying but I’d like to think it would take over double the time.

Still much faster and way more fun than static flying.


I know its faster and better than what we have. I do know that.

But going slower than what i know is possible just feels really bad to me. I hope they change it. The old zones are trivial to begin with, I’d rather them feel smaller than be throttled.

Maybe im just the minority here i dunno


I seemed super fine to me. I wasn’t even sure the 80% was in effect, since it felt very fast in the old world.

60% would have been awful, but 80% seems like a reasonable compromise.


I was on the ptr yesterday and i saw a new icon show up call riding abroad since i went to northrend to do some testing…

I dont know if it is just me but i felt a bit slower because i think they turned on the speed reduction. Its like i could feel being a bit slower.

Yeah, because there is a difference in map sizes. That’s why by contrast it doesn’t feel like it’s much slower. The distance between things is smaller. I read somewhere they made dragon isles maps bigger, specifically.

Why are speed limits being imposed when mages can travel between dimensions within seconds?

if it means I don’t have to deal with stupid bonus buttons and vigor points, ill choose tbc flying every time. clean those ears out and start listening to the players blizz. “seems to be a listening problem”

They buffed the speed a bit with today’s build; it’s now 85% of normal Dragonriding speed in the old world instead of 80%.


The fact anyone even remotely defends or copes with 80-85% being ok or fair shows what is wrong with the player base lol.

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Id settle for 90% 85 still feels a bit restricted i can definitely feel the difference its not as satisfying as zipping around dragon isles