Dragonflight Twitch Drops: Get the Dottie Pet and White Riding Camel Mount - Now Live!

Dragonflight Twitch Drops: Get the Dottie Pet and White Riding Camel Mount - Now Live!

Earn Dottie the baby alpaca and the White Riding Camel mount when you watch WoW Dragonflight streams on Twitch between November 7 and November 21!

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Dottie is a cutie!


Just remember, Daylight Saving ends this weekend (not for you Arizona (and other outliers)… I know) so pay attention to the times going to PST from PDT.


for the love of god stop making us watch Twitch to get stuff


:boom:Reply to me here if this is going to ruin your day or invalidate your donation. I need to know who is who around here. :boom:


Yay free stuff! :dracthyr_yay_animated: :partying_face:


As a collector, love this.


No need to buy anything ever again from blizz since they just give it all away.


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I have Dottie, pretty sure I didn’t buy her during the charity event either and she is a cutie!

The camel I don’t have and will be a +1 to the ol collection! :dracthyr_heart:

On todays TIL there are separate acronyms for the time change. At this point we really just need a world server time IRL.

lol just turn it on and minimize it or do it while sleeping its what i do, or have it on when you go to work…iv never watched to get the rewards


Yes just put it in the Trading Post so we can have 10 new posts complaining about how pixels are devalued.

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Don’t get it then?

Whats the issue lmao


Im shocked how many don’t know you can have it on muted and not even watch and still get the item, I play it while im sleeping or playing, or depending the day while im at work, come home to re-ward unlocked or wake up to reward.


Wait what?
Arizona doesn’t do Daylight Savings?

I’m not American but still, how have I never known this before.

I’m still wondering what good this whole twitch thing is for you Blizzard since I’d rather be playing the game and not watching someone play the game lol

It’s just odd

I guess it’s effortless but I’d had hoped there was a ‘fun’ way of getting these rewards instead of watching twitch of all things.

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That’s all I do, but if the very concept of having to open twitch and do that is too much for them well

Kind of a too bad so sad moment, ya feel me

Same reason content creators are good for Blizzard?


What does having streams muted on a separate tab while not watching them, as numerous people do, have anything to do with why content creators are good for blizzard lol

I don’t just mute, I lower quality to minimum as well!

I don’t really feel the bandwidth difference, but I like to do it out of spite anyway.

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