Dragonflight Twitch Drop: Get the Grim Campfire Toy – Now Live!

The article is an update because the last time I read about this, it was coming out on the 16th along with the patch. I actually thought I’d missed it.

this stuff is annoyingly stupid. just add it in the game w/o us going to twitch or an alternative lol

just have a link saved then click on the mute them and minimize them what i do everytime


so basically they don’t want you to actually play the game but go watch someone else play it? That just seems a bit odd to me. “Hey let’s pay a subscription to PLAY a game but then waste 4 hours watching other people play”

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It’s so the Twitch algorithms recommend WoW to more people that watch Twitch.

The algorithm takes viewer activity and engagement into account when recommending streams based on past viewing behavior and audience interests.


dont have to watch mute, minimize the browser or mute go to work or mute go to sleep i normally do the mute and go to work one but off today


got it!! that makes sense i suppose.

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Buts its so they can say look at the numbers of all the people watch wow on twitch!

Even though 99% of them are just an open tab amd no one is actually watching.


Spunky Excursions will be offering this drop! Please consider supporting a brand-spanking-new WoW RP Streamer, and, thank you Blizzard for taking me on the greatest adventures of my life. Love Ya <3

Something is fishy now. I usually do this, too, but this time, I had a stream on in the background and it only gave me 1% for over an hour of streaming. I move the video to my second screen and it goes from 1% to 2% within 5 minutes.


You didn’t read THEIR question. They are asking if anyone can confirm that Twitch will be doing drops every month for the entirety of 2024. O_O

Yeah, it’s Blizzards way of helping the people who stream WoW. Increase followers, sub, etc.

Ok, for the life of me I can’t find a twitch streamer to watch for the drop; any suggestions?

MrGM, MeeresTV, Naowh, Naguura are all on right now.

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Thank you! I usually default to towliee (don’t watch twitch much) but couldn’t see him. Naguura it is.

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SouzyLIVE is another really good one. Super positive vibes!

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42% of 4 hours. I wonder why towelliee isn’t doing it this time. He was always my go to guy for tabbing out while posting.


USE: Adds +1 to total toy count.

Totally worth it.

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Been stuck on 2% for two hours, following the same method everyone else is doing (made sure I’m connected, window up, mute the tab, make sure only one streamer for the WoW drop is being watched). Working on a fix, so I’ll update in a bit.

Update: 30 minutes later after connecting/reconnecting the account from BlizzCom’s side, still not getting past 2%.

Update #2: So the best way to fix this issue seems to be opening a literal different window for the Twitch stream, keeping the volume at 1% without muting the tab, and turning off all other Twitch streamers. That seems to move the percentage for the redeem without issue. WoW’s drops are the only drops I’ve had issues like this with.

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Same here-2% for days, now 4%…