Dragonflight Season 3 Ends on April 22

Dragonflight Season 3 Ends on April 22

Find out what you can expect with the end of the season.

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First post yo! Looks like I gotta grind 1800 before the 22nd D:

At like 1159PM?

Excellent my sub ends April 23. I will see you peeps at the prepatch for Thin Mints!

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Any details on what players will see in their Great Vault? (filled in that last week of S3) We never had this kind of transition into the next Season…

It’ll be s3 items that you can no longer upgrade.

Thanks for the clarification. :dracthyr_love_animated: Figured we had 2 weeks left, lmao.

will be like the last season what ever you did will not change over need to do the new week for season 4 gear

Should have had a PvP MMR boost about 3 months ago…
With bigger rebalancing changes every month or more often…

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This is a big L.

:surfing_woman: :man_surfing:


should of had a lot of things. But got pluderstorm


Which was cool, and genuinely fun IMO; but was one of now almost ten WoW’s that each split both the community and staff attention… Adjustments could be made to compensate for 'Retail’s stagnation, but weren’t… :frowning:

Can you delete all DF dungeons except Brackenhide Hollow and the new Ulduman from the game please?

Seasonal Rewards Going Away with the Start of Dragonflight Season 4

  • Ahead of the Curve: Fyrakk the Blazing (Reward: Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of Shadowflame)

This is incredibly disappointing - not the removal of AotC, that’s standard operating procedure, but for the last two expansions, Blizzard has always kept the actual reward available until the launch of the x.0 patch of the new expansion, which was in keeping with older AotC expirations: “until the launch of the new expansion.”

There is no reason why the reward for killing Fyrakk can’t remain until 11.0, especially as Blizzard gave no time for teams to wrap up the season. We were notified with only 4-6 raid nights – and there are teams desperate to try for Cutting Edge and have further to go than my little group hammering away at H-Fyrakk.

The player-friendly thing to do is to keep the reward itself available until 11.0 drops, even if the title goes away. The smart thing to do is to STOP REMOVING AOTC REWARDS AND MAKE THEM LOW-PERCENT DROPS LIKE WHAT IS DONE WITH CUTTING EDGE REWARDS.

I have all the AotC mounts since SoO, even the one off Jailer (where I did not get AotC itself - but Blizzard showed common sense and kept the mount available). I say this because if Blizzard put back the older AotC mounts as low % drops, I’d be THRILLED. It would give folks who weren’t playing back when those mounts were available a chance to get some really cool looking mounts. And I’d rather have my players excited to farm old raids for an off-chance at a cool mount than grumpy players sullenly pushing through frustrating fight mechanics for a last-chance at a collectable that no one will care about once no one can get it anymore.

Nobody cares if you have the thing. People only care about whether they can get the thing. Blizzard knew removing stuff from the game was a bad idea back in Wrath when they originally removed the protodrake from Naxx. Back then, they admitted it was a bad idea and from Ulduar onwards the mounts became a low percent drop. I don’t know why Blizzard keeps regressing on this. Removing content from the game is always a bad idea. Thinking that FOMO is successful just because you see a numerical uptick in the weeks leading up to FOMO expiring is not engagement – all it does is create resentment.

Meanwhile, those low percent drops? Our group goes in to do those every Sunday. We have folks who still farm Ashes of Alar or Invincible. We get groups together for the timewalking raids that could drop Mimiron’s Head, or in my case, gave me the Blazing Drake, which I needed for the achievement, so got two drakes for the price of one.

Keeping content IN GAME has far more incentive for the player than this FOMO nonsense with taking stuff out of the game. Nothing stopped Blizzard from putting the AOTC and CE items that go away on the Awakened version of those bosses, or simply making AotC rewards a low percent drop like they do for CE rewards (though I can see titles going away - I think that’s a fair compromise).


so could you please fix name plates so we can enjoy the last remaining 3 weeks of pushing rated bgs, or are we really going to let the entire last month and a half of the season completely ruined?


Odd that the shadowflame skin is going away once S4 launches, I thought that kind of thing would get removed once the next expansion hits?


Any chance S4 will get re-colored Elite PvP armor or are cosmetics from S4 just the same as S3?

Don’t really have an incentive to queue for most players if 1800 doesn’t have a seasonal transmog.