Dragonflight Season 1 Ending Soon

Wish S2 would start June or July but whatever


yay lets screw over everybody pushing for CE so your little diablo 4 release isn’t interfered with. God forbid you actually take care of your dedicated players.


shadowlands existed, it was enough time to figure out they dont.

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Dude… you’re demo lock.

Well, I just joined the fun that is Dragonflight. Almost at max level in this toon. Cheers to season 2

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Guess you don’t PvP and understand the state of the ladder.

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Guess you don’t understand that there is an alternative to nerfs, it’s called elevating other classes… and this expectation that PVP should be the metric used to balance in a primarily PVE game is comical.


Again, it’s obvious you don’t play PvP. Nothing wrong with it but literally no one wants to be as over tuned as rets are right now. Takes all skill out of the game and makes you immortal.

Also, they do tune between PvE and PvP that’s why they have modifiers between the two. I don’t care if they touch the PvE nobs.

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So they drop the onyx ring, issue a bunch of major buffs/nerfs, then issue a season-ending-soon notice in the span of a couple weeks? They haven’t even addressed this season’s issues, but I guess they’re ready to move on to create more/new issues? It’s like decisions are being made by a monkey randomly throwing darts at a board.

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hi i love mokeys :blush:

Two words, babe.

Minimum Viable Product.

Ciao, bella! :kissing_heart:

I have a question. Will the gleaming incarnate stone still be available to get from mythic raz after season 1 ends?

Excited for season 2, although I wish it was a few weeks later. :slight_smile:

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good point

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Paladino nao precisa de nerf oque precisa e rebalancear o jogo inteiro…

d4 hitting hard barely a month later. gonna be a weird one heh

gonna be rough leaving d4 to raidlog while it’s fresh and exciting.
“oh no its raid night. damnit” lol

probably gonna lose some people o7

I think that’s fine. Number of CE guilds shouldn’t be a metric they look at for release schedules.

Personally, I think it’s time. I got bored with DF season 1 about three weeks ago. Just ready to move on and into the next patch. I’m not done with WoW in general, just with season 1. I get the feeling a lot of people feel the same with the way groups are harder and harder to find and the way classic is popping off. Just ready for season 2.

I’m thrilled that the season is ending because there is NOTHING TO DO.

Please remove the Mythic raid lockout after a certain point - the top guilds names are already etched…

Also, Mythic plus is now a joke. Anyone with a 2300-2400 io can get into a 19+, but if you want to get into a 20+, youll need like a 3000 io solely because of weekly vault pick farmers ruining the LFG (the people who play literally all day).


Please… there’s no glory, only spite and bitterness when doing PvP or M+, the latter being all the rage quitters and people melt-down when the party wipes a few times.

Way too soon.
Patch 10.0.7 had utterly shaken the game balance,
with one particular immortal class 2-shotting others.
We need more balance changes, yesterday…
so everyone can finish their seasonal goals before May

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