Dragonflight: Season 1 Content Update Notes

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No, I think you have issues for being this upset over a VIDEO GAME. Lmfao.

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They will. Replacing letters with symbols meant to represent profanity, aka masking, is against forum policy. :man_shrugging:t2:


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I don’t care one way or another, I was letting you know so you don’t get suspended. Who is being rude now?

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Does that Evoker set still only show belt and shoulders in dracthyr form? If so then that is super lame…

Thanks for the catch Stagheim. I’ve updated the article with the caps:

  • The weekly Conquest cap will start at 1350 and increase by 550 per week.
  • The weekly Valor cap will start at 1500 and increase by 750 per week.

Yay! New battlegroun… oh wait.


Every gets their weapon(s) by week 2. :dracthyr_love_animated: Excellent.

Primal storms just world bosses? Invasions also?

Any chance in 6 weeks when the catalyst comes out we could have the currencies be uncapped?

The weekly cap always feels bad after the first few weeks and feels unrewarding to do PvP/M+ because you are at cap.


Just a tip:

Tuesday: NA reset day
Wednesday (14th): EU, maybe Asia? reset day

Might be why you’re confused. Of course, you could be a troll too. If that’s the case, keep going.

If they remove the lockout on raids and let people loot bosses as many times as they want, sure.

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What does Raiding have to do with M+ currency and PvP currency?

As is there is no lockout in M+ so one could infinitely farm a dungeon for the item they want.

With a valor cap it feels bad when you upgrade the “wrong” item and the valor you spent is absolutely waisted especially if an item gets nerfed. Also you need a rating requirement to upgrade gear to certain ilvl’s. So a player will need to clear all dungeons on X difficulty on average. Furthermore it encourages players at the high end to do dungeons trying to get their BiS item or to farm bonus valor which helps the M+ community imo.

On the topic of conquest again like valor you need rating requirements to upgrade to certain thresholds. Another sticking point is if you don’t cap your great vault for the week or get extremely unlucky with selection for a few weeks in a row it’s going to feel bad.

When the catalyst comes out I think the caps should be lifted for Valor and Conquest. It makes playing M+ and PvP feel less bad.


Can’t wait to see how much lag these world bosses cause :laughing:
And hope you guys at HQ fixed primal storms. It looked like it has too much ‘curse’ and not enough ‘kiss’ to make it enjoyable.


6 weeks is such a cringe amount of time just for it to open. Should be 4 weeks maximum. Any advantages to be had for world first are going to be long, long gone by week 2 or 3.

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I do agree that it should open at 4 weeks, however I doubt Blizzard will budge on it opening it earlier at least for Season 1.

I thought there will be no more stupid time gating like the valor/CP caps… Whats next? Tier catalyst release in 8 weeks? Did the devs changed? Dont you remember Season 3 in SL? Its already starting to feel like im playing a reskinned version of Shadowlands minus the conduit farm.

Fun detected, better put a cap on valor…

Come on, the last season shadowlands was awesome without a cap. It made doing a ridiculous number of keys each week worth it since you were always working towards upgrades. Would also make the mythic race more interesting to watch because keys for gearing might end up being part of the top strat so it would combine two parts of the game. Stop getting in your own way, you guys made a good expansion, let us play it!


tier set shouldn’t be available in arenas!!!

i ONLY want play PVP, no raid, no waiting, no overpower pve people in arenas. PLEASE blizzard.

This expansion is awesome, good job.