Dragonflight question on Talents for Survial

Hello All!

I noticed a change… mind you I hadnt checked in a while. Due to points needed, surv has to put a point into wildfire bomb. One of the things that made me really excited before, I was really excited about not having to put anything into wildfire bombs and being able to not use them at all.

Just to add the suggestion, I think energetic ally would be a better fit there… and it would add the bomb progression next to each other if you swapped the places. Or a line from Predator to bloodseeker.

Maybe I am wierd, but I just dont find the bomb play to be that much fun.

Thank you for your time.


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Mad bomber play doesn’t exist in df

Deadly duo?

That isn’t what mad Bomber is tho it just reduces it cd.

Mad bomber literally revolves around spamming kc to get wfb reset procs, that playstyle doesn’t exist in df.

I would still like the option of not having bombs. corrected the original post.

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Wfb is goingto be central piece of surv dps kit going forward. Curious to know what you dont like about it.

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I mean you could go with a build that is less focused on WFB (put as few points as possible) but I think dps you are going to lose out against builds that put more than the bare minimum of points in WFB.

That being said, your class you play how you want of course.

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