Dragonflight pet battles XP nerfed

Apparently, after today’s reset, the experience from Dragonflight’s pet battles was nerfed. I was getting 5.5k xp from wins, now I’m getting 1.87k

Are you talking about pet battles in Dragonflight Isles or what you get from Shadowlands fights? I’m still getting 4K plus doing DF pets, but the SL ones have for sure been nerfed. This is perfectly normal with new Xpacs, slashing rewards from earlier content.

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I am getting 5k from pet battles in DF. Did a couple this morning and got 5,050 per battle.

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I had trouble finding information regarding player xp gains from world pet battles (not WQ’s, wild pet battles), my search brought me here. I wanted to share my experience if someone is currently questioning this in wow, dragonflight. I am getting 5k xp from battles.