Dragonflight: Legacies Premiers October 25

I can’t wait to make a handbags out of dragonskin and sell them as a fashion item :grin:

I’m going to pass. The Afterlives series left me with high expectations of real closure for the Arthas arc - then you crapped all over the entire thing by cutting the expansion short and turning the most iconic character in WoW history into a voiceless wisp. No apology or contrition; no last, seething breaths of hatred… just a grey fart cloud.

I won’t be hoodwinked again.


Alas blizz of old would do them…blizz of new would not. That’s like saying we should quest with the capes Wrathion made us, they[current devs] forget they existed.

More importantly for me, what is the reflection in Nozdormu’s eye? It looks like a beam of some sort that the titans would use…at least that is how it looks to me.

Oh yea and DF is shaping up nicely. Got into beta a few weeks ago and have been tooling around playing with almost everything, it’s a lot of fun and has me back leveling all of my alts. Yea i am hyped for DF.

Can’t wait to make steaks out of insufferable tauren twits.


Can’t wait to make ashes out of dream-hating nelves.

You all should send yourselves to the maw… NOW.

Can’t wait to get a lightforged rogue and evoker up.

Oh yeah I love these shorts, even if SL wasn’t up to par the shorts before the expansion were great.

But! DK’s who did the order hall mount have different dialogue with Alexstraza and Red Dragons in BfA and Shadowlands.

Also they should put the cape quests back in… Maybe a middle ground of having them only be available during MoP timewalking.

The way Nozdormu addresses the dracthyr directly makes me wonder if they’re going to add his cinematic to the evoker starting zone. Not sure how people feel about beta spoilers but they could definitely fit it in if they were so inclined.

Hoping for one for each dragonflight, even though that would be more than any previous expansion had.

Green: told by Merithra, recapping Ysera-related developments from Legion and SL (for people who skipped some expansions or are entirely new to WoW)
Blue: told by Kalecgos, discusses who Malygos was and what happened to him, and what the blue flight has been up to since then
Red: told by Alexstrasza, probably about Galakrond and how the dragons are connected to the Titans
Black: setting up (BETA SPOILER), may have multiple narrators. Some mention of Deathwing is inevitable, but I don’t think they have to go into too much detail because he’s pretty well known already.

Each of those could also be available from appropriate NPCs in the DF leveling zones, for people who don’t watch them ahead of launch.

Was just a setback! Barely an inconvenience!
But seriously - far more “recent” to those events was all the dragons in Legion zone leveling. Even back then - “um, I thought the aspects were done?”

Their only real option is that it was a temporary loss of power? I still plan to enjoy the expansion, but I agree that the disconnects can be frustrating.

Any timeframe?

It was ok. They’re deleting comments or something on the YouTube video because it was hardly any criticism. The animation was pretty choppy, story was confusing and bland.

We didn’t learn much at all that we didn’t already know. Slight teaser to galakrond coming back