Dragonflight Hotfixes - July 3

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. Glad the issue is fixed, though.
Same goes for Wise Mari.

It isn’t - is my point.

They haven’t even acknowledged the scaling issues causing things like this. The only acknowledgement we got was a pot shot in the hotfix notes telling us to use stamina gems.

That’s cute, who thought sniping the players with that was a good idea? We know Stamina increases hit points, doesn’t matter when the minimum damage received is several times higher than our maximum effective hit points.


I’m looking at Nostwin’s goods right now on a shadow priest alt and the whelpling NPC is not showing Glyph of Shadow among them.

Now all you have to do if you want the mount you already did the quest and rep for, is to do the quest chain and rep all over again on a new character! YAY!

May 28, 2024

Player versus Player

  • Priest
    • Thoughtsteal can no longer be canceled.
    • Thoughtsteal no longer causes the casting Priest to learn a spell they already know (example: a Shadow Priest stealing Vampiric Touch from another Shadow Priest). The target of the Thoughtsteal still loses access to the stolen ability.
    • Developers’ notes: These changes resolve an issue where Priests could lose access to existing abilities after casting Thoughtsteal.


  • Verdisa did not realize she was sitting on an important location for the quest “Forget Her Not” and has moved a few feet away.

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • On Friday, May 24, the following changes were deployed:
    • There are now three new quests that grant Bronze to player-characters upon reaching levels 50, 60, and 70.
    • The new quests are only available to player-characters who did not kill many Gulp Frogs during the first three days of the event.
    • Player-characters who killed many Gulp Frogs during the first days of the event have been modified. The power of their Cloak of Infinite Potential was reduced to an amount that a very engaged player could reasonably achieve.

And yet these players are still miles ahead of anyone that played the game normally because they maxed out their gear, which should have been reverted more than the cloak since that’s where most of the power comes from once it’s epics.

And anyone that played normally STILL hasn’t had achievement thread rewards rewarded retroactively while these people now have the ability to get those as well.


What a terrible statement to make, perhaps looking at a large scale of data makes you feel like this is correct.

But from and individual point of view, having spent like 1-2 hours on frogs and a good 20+ hours gaming through the following days. This has been the most unmotivating change I’ve seen. Since the “MODIFICATION” last week I’d had 0 desire to continue to grind remix.

I know I am not the only one who feels this way… just go read the comments on wowhead.


Explain to me why my 30 minutes on the island resulted in me not getting the coins, but my friends who killed THOUSANDS of frogs over 4 hours got their bronze reward?


Stop lying and change your statement to anyone who even touched froggs. I myself farmed frogs for 1h just before the nerf, i didnt get insanely overpower at all and barely tagged any with how much groups were doing it, but ok i got microscopic advantage be mad about it its fine. But i had a friend who went to farm frogs as a warr, every group rejected him and he triend to farm alone for half an hour, he got so little mobs tagged he would be x10 times better off doing quests for that time, but he too is labled frog farmer and no bronze quest.


Reposting what we already know instead of adjusting bronze upgrade costs?

Peak laziness.

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Because if you were online enough to turbo farm frogs you were probably online enough to do the quest before you logged out.

Since for some reason the flag making you ineligible for the quest could only apply if you went offline

I see you guys finally fixed Thoughtsteal. Better late than never ~

The issue that you guys don’t seem to understand is that players who killed “many” gulps like its saying on this post, they all bought 526 maxed out gear and the cloak getting its stats redduced to 25k doesn’t matter AT ALL…

I still see people with 16m hp and “low” cloaks after the nerf, they still 1 shot bosses on heroic raids, they are still SELLING MYTHIC RUNS FOR 1.2M GOLD ON RETAIL ( YES I’M TALKING ABOUT ALL THE ECHO GUYS THAT STARTED THE FARM AND NOW ARE MAKING MILIONS OF GOLD EVEN AFTER THE CLOAK NERF ) Gingi laughed so much after reading the patch notes for the nerf and kept saying that blizzard don’t like you guys, and it’s clear that you guys don’t like the majority of your players.

This nerf actually only nerfed people who kinda farmed a few frogs, got almost nothing out of it, had a mediocre cloak and mediocre gear. People who actually went crazy on the frogs and managed to get all the gear, they are chilling right now, nothing changed for them. It’s really sad to see that you guys nerfed the cloak but didn’t even touch the gear upgrade vendor, costing that much to upgrade gear and seeing people running around with 526ilvl gear from frog and HoF farm it’s just sad. Speaking of that, yall decided to nerf frog farmers and when the post say “killed many gulps” don’t even try us, we are aware that you guys nerfed everyone that killed a few frogs and had a cloak above 25k. I farmed frogs for 30 minutes MAXIMUM on my paladin before realizing it was trash to farm on a paladin, yet i got nerfed to the ground. I had the majority of my cloak from doing every single piece of content every single day. But the funny thing is that HoF heroic farmers got WAAAAAY much out of it compared to frogs and they get to keep everything. That’s kinda nuts man. I was planning on buying everything from the event and then start to upgrade my gear to run higher content etc.

Thank god i managed to buy everything already because after this I never even felt like opening mop remix again. We hope for things to happen but seems like you guys only focus on the things that don’t really matter. How can you make someone farm 700k bronze in order to upgrade their items and the only real way to farm is to do a heroic raid every single day, for 90 days, repeating the same content over and over, getting declined in queue because people only want those who farmed frogs and have 526ilvl to 1 shot everything. I mean…


Can we please look into re-adding the shado-pan robes to remix?

There’s still an issue with paying subscription players who do not own Dragonflight being unable to communicate in /say, /emote or /yell. It’s been a problem since Remix started. Any updates on when or if this will be fixed?

I would love to know what your metrics are on this one, for once.

There are just way too many players stating they did not kill many frogs, give us a number, and out us to show how many we did kill, prove to us that we are ‘froggers’, I volunteer to be the first person you publicly shame on how many frogs I killed to prove I killed too many, I dare you, you aint got the balls to do it.


Man this 3 day rule is weird, this farm was up for like a week or week and a half. I myself killed frogs just 1h before nerf came out and i don’t have bronze q. Also if this is true this would explain why some people are still running around with milions of HP post nerf. Its just because they did frog farm after first 3 days right? I too would love to see what metric is used here because to me it seems it was mostly random lazy checks of stats.


Too bad they will never tell us, even when I egg them on they will just ignore it, or at worst give me a forum vacation for calling them out. I know some personally who never frog farmed, they just went HAM and still got nerfed.

Honestly even if people lied, there is no way 100% of us lied, and that’s just those who actually got nerfed, there was plenty under the threshold who didn’t get the quest, there is no way a sane person can claim they gained an advantage.

May 29, 2024


  • Shaman
    • Restoration
      • Resolved an issue causing the Restoration Shaman Season 4 two-piece class set bonus to be cancelled when a Healing Stream Totem expires while two or more Healing Stream Totems are active.
    • Warlock
      • Affliction
        • Resolved an issue causing Drain Life to sometimes incorrectly consume mana while Soul Rot is active.
      • Warrior
      • Protection
      • Battle-Scarred Veteran has been updated. Now, when a damage event reduces your health below 30%, the portion of that damage event that would apply to the last 30% of your health is also reduced by 80%.
        • Developers’ notes: For example, if you are at 50% health and receive damage for 40% of your health, your damage taken will be 20% + 20% * (1-0.8), or 24%, and you will have 26% health remaining when Battle-Scarred Veteran activates.

Player versus Player

  • Evoker
    • Resolved an issue causing the dispel effect from Scouring Flames to fail on targets near the edge of Fire Breath.


  • The questgivers for Renown quests in Valdrakken now again offer the “Continued Waygate Exploration” quests.

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

  • Endgame tuning adjustments have been made to Heroic Scenarios, Heroic Dungeons, and Normal Raids so that they increase in power more slowly between levels 60 and 70. Heroic and Mythic raids have been adjusted so there is a smoother transition between them.
  • Players who completed the Pearlfin Jinyu questline can now bring Lesser Charms of Good Fortune to Elder Lusshan for additional reputation.
  • Players who completed the Forest Hozen questline can now bring Lesser Charms of Good Fortune to Chief Kah Kah for additional reputation.
  • Fixed a bug that inadvertently capped the maximum stats that can be gained on a Cloak of Infinite Potential. That cap has been removed.
  • Shado Pan Assault reputation earned per boss kill increased to 1000 (was 300). This amount is available daily.
  • Elder Great Turtles and Ancient Spineclaws have migrated back to the Timeless Shore, which should benefit players who are just Killing Time.
  • Illusion: Sha Corruption can now be destroyed by players who have already learned it elsewhere.
  • Adjusted and tuned several gem effects:
    • Arcanist’s Edge absorb amount (that can be converted into damage) has been doubled.
    • Fervor health amounts (that can be converted into damage) has been doubled.
    • Righteous Frenzy damage dealt to targets increased to 2% per second (was 1%).
      • Developers’ notes: This should give healers a bit more to do while optimizing their group’s damage, and it should make some gem combinations even more interesting.
    • Searing Light collected healing points increased to 10% (was 7%).
    • Slay cannot critically strike.
      • Developers’ notes: Slay still hits for the player’s entire health amount, and will remain an incredibly powerful option.
    • Ward of Salvation no longer applies a heal absorb. It has been reworked so that the caster’s heals are duplicated as an absorb shield, but not other sources of healing.
      • Developers’ notes: Ward of Salvation will remain a powerful way for healers to deliver some additional damage, but should not trivialize the most difficult raid encounters.
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