Dragonflight Hotfixes - July 3

i was wondering the same thing so many issues after this last maintenance

still not awarded The Awakened Drake on my paladin …

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What about the upgrade discount not applied to the bullion vender rings? For example I have a 512 ring but when I go to upgrade a 493 doesn’t appear to be any discount applied to the ring from bullion vender.

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With rings, it looks at the two highest-level rings your character’s found, since there’re two ring slots. It’s the same for trinkets, and I believe one- and two-handed weapons (and offhands) are all counted separately as well. You can have one 512 ring, but if your next highest ring was only 480 for example, a ring at 493 would not get an upgrade discount!

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When is the friend list log in/out notification in the center of the screen going to be fixed?

Edit: adverbs

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May 10, 2024


  • Warlock
    • Fixed an issue where the scaling of Inferno would become reduced when Rain of Fire affected more than 5 targets.


  • Dawn of the Infinite end bosses should now drop Awakened Crests.


  • Taivan awoos when summoned, like a good boy.

Non-player Characters

  • Kessa, the Personal Tabard Vendor located in Valdrakken should now be available to all alts after completing the questline to unlock the personal tabard.


  • Tailoring
    • Fixed a bug where Blue Silken Lining was not granting more mastery for equipping a second item embellished with Blue Silken Lining while the buff was already active.


  • Fixed a bug preventing the completion of “Lotus Tea” after completing “The Pools of Youth”.
  • Fixed an issue preventing progress on the quest “Get My Results!”.
  • Players can now call for aid while mounted on the quest “At the Source”.
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Is the Heroic: Awakened Flames achievement going to be fixed soon? I completed the achievement, and would rather not (a) reclear or (b) wait till next Amirdrassil cycle to complete it…

It’s relatively easy to see who cleared it this lockout and award credit.

Please do something about the forced-pushing of quests.  It’s been especially bad in Dragonflight, with the latest being “The Harbinger” quest line that was added with patch 10.2.7.  No, I did it once already and I don’t want to do it dozens more times.


“And everyone liked that.”

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Survival Hunter’s Season 4 Tier Set Bonus is still being significantly outperformed in AOE and ST scenarios by the Season 3 Tier Set Bonus at 20-40 ilvls under.

When is that going to be fixed?

Is that going to be fixed at all?

Balance Druids and Fury Warriors had their Tier Sets adjusted last week due to similar problems. Did Survival Hunter’s get forgotten?

What was the point in letting us vote on our Tier Set Bonus and telling us it would be balanced accordingly if that wasn’t going to be the case?

Should we give up on hoping to hear from the Developers about this? Do they think it’s fine as is? Do they think it’s not working as intended and are going to fix it?

We were told by a member of the Community Council that word had been passed along and Developers were looking at the Season 4 Tier set, and now it seems they are no longer a member of the Community Council. Was word passed along? Is the Set Bonus actually going to be looked at?

I honestly just want to know if I should continue gearing my Hunter as Survival or instead gear it as BM or MM.


Not a Hunter but echoing this as that’s pretty crappy for them, sorry, but it should have been fixed last week with the other two, they don’t deserve an undertuned tier set for the crime of not being a popular spec.

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In the exact same boat, wondering if I should get a Neltharax and redo my gems and embellishments or if this is actually going to be fixed. Last we heard it was going to be looked at but we have gotten no info. Last week class tuning wasn’t announced until Monday so I guess that’s probably the last chance SV hunters should give it.

Expansion is nearly over and you’re finally fixing a bug that has been in since launch. Has Blizzard ever had a quality control staff on hand?

Any updates on fixing the “soloable” mythic Battle of Drazzalor for the 2nd to last boss?
If this is supposed to be “Soloable” then it should be.

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Guild banks have been broken since the last Maintenance Release on 5-7-24, creating an issue with players being able to access stored materials. This is resulting in having to farm more materials that isn’t necessary since there is a stockpile that should be accessible, or the players are having to go to the AH to purchase mats to craft/recraft wanted items.

No hotfixes have been announced on this that I am able to find, but issues like mounts making sound (Taivan now awoos), calling for aid while mounted, spell times and a lot of damages reduced and some increased, etc. have been addressed this week. How long is this going to not be addressed?

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The quest “Site Salvage” remains bugged. No one can interact with the NPCs. It’s required for Sojourner of Waking Shores which is a step towards Taivan. It’s the last thing I need. Really hoping this is being looked into as it’s been about a week with no actual acknowledgement.

how about fixing the dragon riding rostrum and the sw portal to valdraken…
both has been relegated to L70…My dragon riding skill icon , that normally
rides the edge of my mini-map, has been replaced with a shadowlands
covenant icon…lol…come on guys…you’re better than this!


there are imperatives in the basic game that need to be addressed…
rostrum of transformation…sw portal to valdraken…guild banks…
these are basic functions…the first listed is preventing me from
leveling my current alt.

I spend more time in bug forums and finding work arounds than playing the game it was few days ago… we need help here from Blizzard please end the silence.

May 14, 2024


  • Azure Vault
    • Fixed an issue causing the time requirement reaching two and three chests on Mythic Keystone difficulty was lower than intended.


  • Veteran and Champion track items obtained from outdoor activities should now be eligible for conversion at the Revival Catalyst. This fix is retroactive.
  • Veteran and Champion track rings, necklaces, and armor obtained from outdoor activities should now be eligible for socket upgrades. This fix is retroactive.


  • Fixed an issue causing the Rostrum of Transformation to require level 70.

Non-player Characters

  • Cheered up Thomas Bright who was feeling a little low.

Cataclysm Classic

  • Fixed missing text in guildmaster’s Rank Permissions panel so that it is clear that the checkbox controls whether the guild rank is considered an officer rank.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Cockroach Cabins to be uninteractable, preventing the daily “Roach Coach” quest from being completed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from interacting with the objects required to complete the “Would You Like Some Flies With That?” daily quest.
  • Mage
    • Fixed a problem with Focus Magic being useable while not talented into it.
    • Living Bomb critical strikes will no longer trigger Ignite. It did not trigger Ignite in original Cataclysm, as even its final detonation was considered periodic damage.
  • Shaman
    • Flametongue Totem will no longer stack with other Spell power increasing effects.
  • Warlock
    • Drain Life will no longer turn its target permanently green until they log out.