Dragonflight Hotfixes - July 3

June 13, 2024


  • Fixed an issue causing some achievement-related creatures to despawn in Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope.
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So, you can get 1850 for pvp enchant mog next season…? So it’s free basically. Yeah cause the pvp community needs welfare pvp chant mogs. I don’t like this change

Guess I’m feeling annoyed about everything all the sudden today. Well I’ll just uhh take the last of my edibles or something idk…

Idk what’s wrong like I probably said this like 10 times w/o even realizing it. Yayy schizophrenia

Huge. Anyway, havoc demon hunter still has a 4% dps nerf meant for pvp that was mistakenly applied to pve a couple weeks ago. Can we have any word on that being addressed sometime soon?

Blizzard not making any pvp changes is hilarious.

or pve changes to fix the pvp changes that effected pve

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June 18, 2024

Dungeons and Raids

  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
    • Emberon
      • Fixed an issue where Purging Flames precast visual effect was not matching the spawn location of the beam.

Fix the 4% pve nerf to havoc please

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does anyone actually play this game with sound turned on?

Yes i do. Hearing a sound effect means i can determine things in game, in content with high visual load. Hearing a sound effect that completely removed my ability to hear other effects was very painful.

Yeah, I play with sound on too. Audio cues are often a part of instance mechanics so I rely on them a lot, especially since I don’t use addons or weakauras to do the thinking for me.

I have very little experience playing as BM. I started using it as a secondary spec when SV became melee. I have been a main MM hunter since BC, and (without much effort), I can do 150-200% DPS as BM now. I would go with that for the time being if I were in your shoes.

WTB weekly PVP tuning. I swear Blizzard doesn’t play this game at all. PvP has been absolute dog for the last 10 years.

Not me, I know I didn’t report that sound bug as I am deaf and I leave my computer perma-muted by not having speaker plugged in.

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July 3, 2024


  • What’s Down There? now requires 1 Massive Lunker (was 2).
  • That’s not a Fish… now requires 5 Massive Lunkers (was 10).
  • We’re Going to Need a Bigger Harpoon now requires 10 Massive Lunkers (was 25).


  • Ominous Conch cooldown lowered to 1 minute (was 5 minutes).
  • Increased the drop rate of Ominous Conch found in Tuskarr Tackle Boxes.
  • Ominous Conch now has a maximum stack size of 20.
    • Developers’ notes: Ominous Conch used to have a maximum stack size of 20 in earlier patches, and that was removed. Since we’re putting the max back on it, we think it’s best to also reduce the associated achievement requirements and cooldown.
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Aaaaaaaaaa why wasn’t this done earlier… :sob:

Oh well, happy for those who still need this achievement


This is great news! Thanks for the clarity here Linxy! I know a lot of people have been reporting having more than x20 Ominous Conch’s and having their >20 Conch’s deleted. Is there any way those players could get mailed their removed Conch’s as a result of this change or are those unfortunately unable to be refunded in some way?


Also, in a similar vein to these achievements:

Are there any plans for the heavily Conch-related Khazgorite Infused Resin as a part of the Reputation quest “Best in Slot”? The nested RNG from getting Conchs → praying for a rare → then 10% chance at the Resin (x3 needed) is much harder nowadays than in early Dragonflight Lunker-party days. Perhaps a drop rate increase in that Resin could fit the scope here too? I know the other items in that achievement are very doable it’s just this one since it’s so Conch-related.

Anywho, these changes are a plus! I think it’ll help with future adventurers looking to complete the Dragon Isles :slight_smile:

Is there any intent on nerfing the most RNG achievement part of the meta achievement, Tetrachromancer?
As someone that has been playing DF since launch and opened hundreds of purple grand hunt bags I am missing one color and the fact that that has the same drop rate as the mount from those bags seems ridiculous to me. I think either buffing the drop rate of the colors significantly, nerfing the total number of colors needed for Tetrachromancer, or adding a way to purchase the colors from a vendor would be very useful.

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Hi there! This nerf from a month ago was incorrectly applied to PvE not just PvP. It has been known about since then. Can anything please be done about this? It seems like it should be a pretty simple fix, relatively speaking.

nah i already submitted a ticket over this. I had nearly or a little over 80 conchs so 60 were just taken from me with no compensation of any kind. I was saving them for ice fishing week to use then caue ive never gotten that rare to spawn but oh well theyre just gone and the work I did to get them is meaningless.

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Of all the things to tweak at the 11th hour about fishing in DF, I can’t say this was on my bingo card.