Dragonflight Fishing - Praise & Lament

It’s time to discuss fishing.

First, the good stuff:

1.) It’s got layers again, and that’s fantastic. There are lunker rares, highland pools, net fishing, and ice fishing with special fish that are needed for feast recipes and offer other interesting rewards in the form of pigment and rousing decay.

2.) The fish is integral to cooking again, and there’s practically no way around it for endgame buff food.

3.) The Tuskaar are back, and that’s pretty much amazeballs.

4.) We got a new fishing boat toy to join the Angler’s Raft and that surf board toy (even though the dinghy is broken and remains broken even after many bug reports), which is HUGE.

I am absolutely delighted with all of these things (except for the broken speed on the dinghy…they should really fix that).

Now, the stuff that makes NO sense:

A.) Fishing is the only profession that has no accessory slot.

B.) Our fishing “accessory” hat is an equipped item rather than a passive bonus that shows up when we’re fishing and disappears when we stop…like every other profession’s new gear.

C.) Putting the fishing pole into the profession tab instead of keeping it as an equipped item broke double-cast fishing keybind addons, so fishing must be keybound from the action bar (my action bars are full, Blizz, and I’ve been double right-click casting since 2006. You broke my game).

D.) The fishing hat is not available for transmog. Dude. We have to equip it. You didn’t see fit to make it an accessory. So why on Azeroth can’t we mog it at the very least?

I’m learning to cope with the broken fishing. I absolutely LOATHE clicking my cast ability, but I have not yet figured out a decent keybind for it that works.

Thank you for listening to my WoW DF Fishing Ted Talk, and please share with me below how you have your cast keybound. Also, please share any thoughts, complaints, concerns, or decided opinions about fishing in DF below.


OMG, the worst–the absolute WORST. We have to open the utterly and absurdly massive profession frame to apply a lure to the pole in the tool slot, AND THERE IS NO BUFF TIMER visible anywhere on the screen.

You have GOT to be kidding me.

FIX THE LURES! They need to automatically add themselves to the fishing pole as they always have (since Wrath, y’all), and there MUST be a visible buff timer like there has always been on the buff bar.

Oh…and don’t think we didn’t notice the nerf to the lures. We did. We see you.

In seriousness, the lack of a lure buff timer is vexing in the extreme. Please. I beg. Fix that for us, and a blue post explaining what the rationale was for breaking double-click casting and the lures would be very much appreciated.


This!! I agreed with pretty much everything you said, then I headed over to wowhead because - WoW is down - and OMG -

    • New Toy: Reusable Oversized Bobber – Acquired from catching 100 fish with the Oversized Bobber. The toy version supports all bobbers in your toy collection and will automatically work with new bobber additions.*

I have been loving fishing in this expansion!


Can this be retroactive please :joy: Use it every time Ive gone fishing since BfA. Lets me look at another screen while Im fishing, it’s big enough that I can see it move out of the corner of my eye.

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100 fish retroactive

just spend the 15 minutes it takes to catch up 100 :stuck_out_tongue:

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I sincerely hope so, I know I’ve caught more than 100 fish using the oversized bobber, but honestly, won’t take long to catch 100 more if it’s not.

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The accessory slots are an annoyance, just seeing such a missed opportunity IS disappointing, especially forcing us to use yet another fishing pole ( you really need that extra stat ) when I’ve still got a perfectly serviceable and leveled Angler.

However the thing that’s frustrating me the most about fishing right now is how pathetic the ‘drop’ rates are for the Tuskaar mats and bottles / coins. 2 hours of nonstop fishing shouldn’t yield just 3 rare items, that’s absurd. Granted, one of them WAS a gold coin, but still…1 gold, 1 copper, 1 Salinated Serevite ( which I can’t even use yet ). They need to adjust it so your renown level unlocks the tier of mats and only that tier, that way the early crafts are easier to get and the ones towards the end of the renown tree take longer.

All these days of fishing and I still only have 1 imbu-knot and zero draconite nuggets.


I’m the reverse, one nugget and no knots. But I keep getting other rare fishing materials that I can’t seem to use yet, as far as I’ve noticed.

Also bummed that I can’t use Worm Supreme, because it calls the Fishing Tool an invalid item.

If you add your pole to a bar you can apply buffs directly to it wothout opening your professions tab.


oh thanks for that tip.

I love fishing in dragonflight. just wish we got a nice pole to use. but then again the legendary angler is going to be hard to top.

I do wish they would add more stuff for fishing.

They added 2 that engis make, something Fisherfriend. They are pretty necessary because they come with the Perception stat, which greatly increases your chance of fishing up rare items. There is an enchant for 40 perception, but I think the Angler is too low level for it to work.

That said, my Khaz’ghorite Fisherfriend has 126 Perception and +15 fishing and I still get jack so who knows?

I find the Angler’s ability to walk on water and turn into a fish very useful for fishing dailies, though.

Dumb question. If you have fishing maxed out, do lures help anything in terms of fishing up rare items?

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They reduce the number of casts with grey items.

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I’ve been getting lure buffs when I use them. Do you have your buff box active on your UI?