Dragonflight: Embers of Neltharion Content Update Notes—Now Live!

Yeah, the biggest win a Wow 2 would have would probably just be fresh code for all the stuff that’s changed since vanilla.

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Gotta love Rocks on the Rocks. I wonder what it’s gonna be…

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Literally brain dead devs. Dark iron dwarf racial is overpowered. Warriors are broken overpowered.
Rogues are in a trash tier place because devs listen to crying streamers who only complain about classes they don’t play. And then they give ZERO changes for some classes while others gets entire reworks. I completely get why workers are quitting such a brain dead company. Keep your game stale and watch how fast your boat sinks.


Druids still cant fly?
Oh you created a dragon with wings that still cant fly???
Wtf clueless much…

Know why you get replies like this?

Do your job n play your game, sigh .


Blizzard when they created the new ability trees: we feel that the current ability trees do not allow players to create their own unique builds …

Blizzard now: We don’t like that the shadow priest players can make so many unique builds …

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Holy smokes I can’t believe the sPriest isn’t gonna have mindflay.

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I may have read it incorrectly, but they’re taking away mind sear I believe … which is a bummer, but just dislike blizz ‘streamlining’ the talents for no reason other than ‘less choices’

With the incoming changes to the Stamina. In PVP i am afraid “Thorns” will not be viable anymore, it already does a terrible job dissuading the enemy melee from attacking. Is there a way we can have it buffed. A % per melee swing would be best. 5% may be too heavy for quick attacking melee. But it needs looked at, unless the new trinket bonus will also increase it significantly.

Outlaw is still trash on the PTR in PvP.

Cant believe you guys have not fixed the stuttering. What a joke.

Wanna fix your nameplates?

Don’t waste your money getting time yet. Embers has 8 chapters and blizzard have the last 4 chapters and all the content behind a 4 week time gate. So all the chapters of embers and the content that goes with them won’t be out until the 31/05/23.

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It’s getting so ridiculously hard to care though, Blizzard.

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Continuing the discussion from Dragonflight Embers of Neltharion PTR Development Notes:

Why are the final patch notes missing some of the healing spell changes outlined in your earlier post? There are multiple PvP nerfs that would be unwarranted for Hybrid healing if you rescinded on the PvE changes but left the PvP changes in-tact.


  • Updated special resource art and animations for the following classes: Arcane Mage, Death Knight, Feral Druid, Paladin, Rogue, Warlock, and Windwalker Monk.

This was cool, I noticed, and was pleased. :100::pray: