Dragonflight Battle Pets not showing up in collections

Bought the Heroic edition of Dragonflight for me and my partner two weeks ago and I still can’t find or use either Murkastrasza or Drakks the Battle pets.
I can however use the Tangled Dreamweaver Mount.
My partner can find and use all of the above so I know I’m supposed to be able to.
I’ve checked the statement in my account and it says complete. I’ve also tried scrolling through my pets, typing in their names as well as looking for them under “gift” and “present”.
I put in a support ticket and was sent back an automated reply saying they were too busy and then it was resolved but nothing was done.

Please help!

The first thing to check – make sure that you don’t have any filters unchecked. This is often times the culprit.

It is showing them both in your collections via your profile here on the forum.


Thank you so much!
I didn’t realise at lease one of the filters was unchecked.
I checked all and they came up at the top :smiley: