Dragon Flight Pet Taming

I finished getting renown for Maruuk Centaur and Dragonscale Expedition (two more to go) didn’t see any tomes or anything at the renown vendor to transfer to my other hunters so they can learn to tame specific renown locked pets.

Do I have to get renown on all my hunters to tame or I only have to do it once and it unlocks automatically account wide?

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assuming i remember the renown correct you need 25 with the valdrakken accord. sucks that its locked behind renown but its even worse that you need to be nearly finished with the rep to get it


Sucks even more it’s only a handful of dragons, how are the big fae dragons not intelligent but proto drakes are? super arbitrary tbh. lemme tame time lost damnit!

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you only need to do it once and it’s account-wide. my level 12 hunter alt grabbed a couple sprite darters in jade forest, they’re very efficient!

edit: also dragonflight expedition and the centaurs don’t give you any pet taming skills; it’s specifically renown 11 with the tuskarr (you do a short questline and unlock the ability to tame ottuks for your account) and renown 23 with the valdrakken accord (you get awarded with the dragon-taming book for your account, although cloud serpents still require a different manual - purchased at exalted with the order of cloud serpents on pandaria).

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Thank you, my main is a monk this expansion and it’ really sucks for people who alt hunters. My second go around with renown just to tame pets.

My condolences to future hunters next expansion when DF rep is nerfed and can’t cheese Maruuk and Iskaara renown by doing Fyrakk event.

yeah the experience ive had with dragonflight has been

“oh look a cool new beast model lets use beast lore to see what it is”

“Cannot be tamed”