Draeni hunters

What the hell blizz! Why do Draeni males get the really cool gun flourish animations and not a single other race? I feel duped!

For those who didnt notice, go into character create and see draeni hunter animations.

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Well the first step is to get a pair of sunglasses and wear a leather jacket.

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I think male night elf and troll side bow animations is cooler.

You know what’s not cool? The blood elf female “AttackRifle” animation. I wish I could use the sight on the rifle instead of holding it as if I want it to say "YALL GET THE HECK OUTTA MY PROPERTY’.

Truly a miss there by blizz :dracthyr_cry_animated:

I hated those and am glad they were fixed on fem blood elves in Legion

I like em.

The female BE had a pure side bow? I always thought it was slighted.

Well they had to give them one good animation since everything else about male Draenei is derpy and goofy