Dracthyr transmog clashes with visage

So, I have gorgeous racial dragon armor. But it gets covered up by my belt and shoulder and tabard. I hide them, switch to visage form, and now my dinky elf shape has lost its silhouette from the shoulders, and the tabard, and my pants and shirt meet at hideous angles because there’s no belt covering the join.

WTF, mate? Why does my character share transmogs between forms? Only like 5 shoulders look good with my racial armor choices, and none of them look good on a belf body. So strange that they are linked, when the visage illusion magic is so iconic for dragon critters.


I feel you friend. I made an outfit I’m satisfied with for my Visage, only for the shoulders to completely ruin it. I wish there was a way to keep Visage and Dracthyr forms completely separate for Transmog.


The game wont even let me pick from the hundreds of leather outfits I have unlocked on my rogues and druids to transmog my visage with…

I have like 2 pages of options for anything, while my other leather wearing classes got like 5 to 6 pages…

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I was extra sad today to learn that MOST of my belt transmogs and a huge number of my shoulders aren’t usable in Dracthyr form at all. Like, what? You already built the foundation for belt buckles to display with the racial belt behind them, but you couldn’t be tossed to include all of the options of the TWO pieces we get to customize? What a joke.

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I just figured my Dracythr would wear the armor I created him with, and that is his transmog and I could transmog my Visage form.

Its just an upscaled blood elf, you’d think they would just add a scale to blood elf armors and be able to transmog any leather to your visage.

I havent even tried to transmog armor onto my dracythyr form.

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That’s because evokers can’t transmog leather. They wear mail. The worst looking and most neglected armor in the game.


Still dont make sense, because I have 2 hunters and 2 shamans also and tons of mail gear unlocked in transmog as well.

Cant use them either.

Yup Dracthyr can only transmog their belt and shoulders.

Im Visage Form they can transmog everything.
But for some reason most the transmogged are Unavailable to Dracythr in Visage Form.

Yes that is because they can’t wear it. It’s not able to be out on their models. As I said. Only belts tabards and shoulders are seen aside from their barber shop armor.

Man you just dont know what your talking about or your confused on the topic of conversation.

Dracythr form can only transmog shoulders belt and tabard…

Visage Form can transmog ALL slots like a normal Blood Elf, But they dont have Access to like 90% of the mail appearances you have previoisly unlocked…

If you still dont undertsand im going to assume your trolling.

That’s not at all what you were even talking about to begin with. You’re just not paying attention. Good luck.

My visage form also has access to limited outfits. Specifically, they only have access to Shadowlands-era outfits, even though male blood elves and female humans have been wearing mail armor since forever. I can’t tell you how much time I spent collecting old armor sets, including class-agnostic sets, in order to have options that I now don’t have? Is weird.

Are the dracthyr able to use the covenant sets like Conservator’s Guise?

Yes, along with the cosmetic covenant sets, at least in visage form. I haven’t tested the shoulders, but some of the belts from SL sets don’t work in Dracthyr form