Dracthyr soar nerf?

Another thread to toss on the pile.

Soar is experimental, as is Dragonriding in general. Soar’s viability as a global racial is being tested and apparently it’s out of line with other racials. I would argue the fix is instead of make Soar function as a TBC Flying mount and give Evokers a special version of the racial that allows Dragonriding within the Dragon Isles and a +Speed boost while outside of it.

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Cuz it was the smart move to make - rare, (.0001%), but it does happen.

Because it provides an advantage in pet battles apparently


Also gives you an advantage in getting to old raids faster for those transmogs your lizard can’t even use.



Blizz: Ok, here is what we are changing and why.


its only communication if it benefits these people

thats the mark of entitlement

Hey look its the angry troll. Find another thread to scream nonsense at?


I have to wonder how many of these threads are actually you talking to yourself as you switch alts.

I have to wonder why youre only hobby is trolling internet forums at noon on a weekday





Because it was faster than flying if you were going downhill and had no obstacles once every 5 minutes and you might be able to beat someone to a pet battle in those extremely specific circumstances.

Also, blizzard hates fun. This, conduit energy, 2 week cooldown on covenant shifting, random leggos, azerite armor.

History is repeating itself.


Dont point out facts to him, itll just make him scream obscenities at you and eventually he’ll move on to racial slurs.

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All you people agreeing with Blizzard on the Soar nerf baffle me.

It’s like you guys don’t like fun, you know, the main reason we all play video games.


Because Blizz thinks getting to place to place faster (and in some ways, more fun) is somehow giving people an advantage, or whatever their next stupid excuse for it is. It’s not even an effective way to get around with how much time you’ll be taking to try to find a good spot to dive off of depending on the zone/area’s landscape.

I’d be happy if they gave us a “mount” that’s just Dracthyr flying like any other flying mount can.

Soar looks fun. Why not just make the other racials fun?

TBC flying wouldn’t be fun. Why would anyone want to shy away from making something fun?

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you could but in this case

Followed by … Silence from Blizzard.

This is a change that’s almost universally unpopular and is completely against the feedback provided by those using soar on Alpha.


Because the question isn’t ‘is it fun’.

The question is ‘is it appropriate’. Which Soar is not proving to be because it’s apparently not playing nice in the wider world outside of the Dragon Isles.

Reworking it to be TBC Flight outside of Dragon Isles makes it neat, tidy, and fits the Dracthyr into non-Dragonflight content seamlessly.

Been reading the various posts on this change and I personally feel like the underlying reasons go back to wanting to keep dragon riding relevant for Drakthyr and possibly to fix issues that excessive speed cause in older content where the game just can’t handle it sometimes.

It sucks for those that enjoyed it, but alpha is the best time for them to change this before it becomes an expectation that can’t be delivered. There’s always a chance it could be changed back but with how some players are reacting and not allowing discussion from both sides it’s only muddying the waters.

I know that not everyone shares my opinion this and thankfully we are all allowed to voice our opinions on the forums. We just need to all avoid getting so worked up over it when the change has only just been made. Give it time for further testing by those on alpha and see where it goes. This a unique racial and as such blizzard is learning where they want it to fit in with their game design.